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SMC Series 2


(A week late entry this is from 21/10/10)
Four more weeks to go and I am going home!

Mon of H@ppy Feet invited me to do a race when I get home and its been awhile I ran in Manila.  I will be very unfit in the very humid, 100% humidity and heat.  SO I thought I shold just train for it and be prepared since its summer here in Oz and take advantage of the conditions and be smart and train and prepare myself what I am putting myself into when I go home.  Not that it is comparable, as heat here is stinging burning heat of less than 100% humidity, well at least its hot and humid lately its close enough, quite!!

So I thought, i will just do SMC Half marathon as a training runs for a long run.  I haven’t been training long distances after October 10’s 42 Ks, the longest I have been doing was just 10Kms and Never this year did I race a 21 Km.  The year is almost ending but this is my 1st half marathon for the year because of the series of unfortunate injuries.

Speaking of which, yes I know its just been 3 weeks after the ankle injury recovery.  It isn’t bothering me in pain anymore but it still does look deformed and swollen.

Anyway, we agreed to carpool with Angela and Tomomi, its been my mistake and had a communication misunderstanding, with Tez that we were meeting Angela in the complex.  it was supposed to be us picking her up!  Tomomi fell asleep after waking up so early and so we started about 10 minutes behind time.

It was a bit of a rush driving to Smithfield, which Angela and Tez doing it the course the first time.  We made it at the registration 10 minutes before the start, quick loo, timing chip on the lace and pinning the race bib was hectic squeezing it in in 10 minutes! Ths start is also around 300 meters away from registration crossing amongst the marsh which is already going to be our warm up run, hoping we don’t miss the start and can do a few stretch before it does.

However around 10-20 meters to the startline, we heard the horn go off already! And I asked, is that the start already? and looked at the startline ahead of us, runners were already running!! so we slowly careful not to get over excited crossing the startline and so we were at the back of the pack and Dot who was running the 5 was at the startline telling us we are late! so that was our running start.  The plan was since we havent trained for this and its a training run, we will try to stick with Teresa who has been paired with us during TNT sessions.

It was also probably good due to lack of organization, no one from both of us wore a watch! So it was really good, no pressure and just running like when doing a training run.  So we slowly try to find Teresa.  We started passing runners slowly looking for a familar face.  then we saw and say hi to Big Jeff and so he followed us, then few meters away at last saw Teresa’s back.  It was a bit hard catching her as she either was running on a quick pace and we were not. Evenetually with perseverance we caught up to her and exchanged our pleasantries.  Ran with her for the first 2.x something kilometers as planned to stick with her.  But came the 1st water stop, which I grabbed and drank while jogging, expecting Teresa and Tez to be behind me.  But unfortunately, It was just Tez who caught up to me and seem like Teresa just went on her own pace.  So we tried not to run too quickly as it is a long way away.  Then we caught up to this guy from SMC named Mark.  We were chatting till the 8th Kilometer, and since there is no watch, as we reached 7 Km he said that is just over 35 Mins, and I said to myself, “uh oh, that’s too quick”.  At the 8th Kilometer, Mark dropped off, maybe he realized we were going too quick for the half lap.  We tried to keep the pace constant, which we did.  By around 12 kilometer, Tez decided to speed up and left me.  Now after consuming my first energy gel, the aim is just to hang on and finish.  The sun was already out and it the heat starting to sting  the skin and I feel my face getting burned already despite the hat I was wearing. Reached the big hill and i did alright without walking it! Slow but constatnt, no walking.

I still can see Tez’s back as long as I can see him, its okey, otherwise that means I am slugging already.  I can’t remember passing anone but I remember alot of male runners passing me.  At the 17 or 18th kilometer I just want to give up.  It is hot, my legs are already feeling the strain the non-training.  I was trying my best to hang on and finish 4 Kms and it wil be over.

at the last 2 Kilometers, I can’t see tez anymore, Mark caught up and overtook me and I overtook a Westie Joggers senior runner.  I tried to pick my pace, and keep it constatnt, no major hills anymore just inclines of not even bad I’ll be fine.

500 meters to the finish, I am so glad to see the finish chute.  The grass finish is always tricky.  I was waiting for another runner to pass but happy no one caught up with me and at last the finish line and got an extra semi sprint finish from the cheers from Woodies and acquaintance.

Happy i finished the run in a decent time, and survived the “training run” despite I lack the mileage I finished.

Event: Sydney Marathon Clinic Series 2
Location: Smithfield, NSW
Distance: Half Marathon
Time: 1:52:09, 4th Age category, 44 out of 77 runners, 6th out of 19th female runners


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  1. 06/12/2010 5:14 am

    Congratulations. Doing a run as a training run is a great way to take the pressure off yourself while at the same time enjoying a run with other people.

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