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Woodstock Handicap 2010 #4


As I said last Handaicap 3  I should finish the Woodstock Handicap this ye, ar missing two of them on the first half of the year.  So I thought I should nominate my time at 35minutes for the 7 KM around the bay and wouldn’t matter will I be quicker on it or slower as I will be running Balmain Fun run the following day.

Woked up 5 minutes after 7 and so we hurried so we don’t get too late on the 7:30 start.  Was a gloomy morning and a bit of chill in the air.   One problem, I think I had too much too drink the night before after after work drinks and at dinner and woke up with headache and woozy.

So I have a feeling I won’t be breaking any PB and I would be lucky if i’d ran the whole way!  Anyway I was set to run on the same time with Jeff “big M” Morounga for 35 minutes.  And we’re off.

I let Jeff led the way.  Funny how he strides one and i stride 3! he was like 2 meteres ahead of me it was hard keeping up wih his long strides! and I told myself, I’ll just catch up in the end, but then by 2nd Kilometer, Jeff seem to have dropped off and i went.  The day went muggy, and the headache is not helping either, I needed to drinkw ater, so I stopped for the first bubbler and caught my breath keeping an eye that Jeff don’t catch up.  And then continued on.

I know Jeff and Tezz are on my tail, anytime soon they will be passing me, I feel so tired and saw Dot on the bridge over the river and caught up with her but I had to stop again for the 2nd bubbler, it was too hot! As I turned my head, I saw Tez running towards me, I told myself, I should go now or Tezza will pass me! And caught Dot again, and at the stairs, I was wondering i know by the time before I reach the bridge people should start passing me.  But there was none until the stairs where Barney passed me when I decided to walk the flight and at the bridge comes Kazu, as I passwed Rick and Lawrence.

Too slow by 42 minutes!

Event: Woodstock Handicap 4
Distance: 7Km
Location: Bay Run
Time: 35:42

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  1. 07/11/2010 4:01 pm

    Well done great effort!

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