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Cold, Rainy, Windy @ Maroubra Fun Run 2010


Weather – Rainy, cold, windy.  We were hoping coming from Inner west of Sydney that it is only rainy on this side of the town and Maroubra.  But we arrived there and it was even raining harder! Last 2009, it did rain too but that was after the race and during the presentation.
Course – Hilly.  If you are doing the 4Km it is one lap of the course so two laps for those doing an 8Km.  Iv’e done this 3rd time now and its a march with the bagpipe band till gun start.  Flat not until you reach Mons Ave, as it continues on to a long hill at Malabar road, and still does not end when you reach Beauchamp another short hill.  But don’t be too happy when you reach the turn around point as it is a down hill, at Broome Street, it is an undulating inclines and back to the start is one big steep hill that you should be carefull or you will be falling and rolling down that hill!
Start-Took time almost 10mins later than expected at 9:30, as it might be hold ups from positioning the marshalls due to the bad weather conditions.
Presentation-Took forever, considering that most participants already left because it was too cold hanging around for presentation.  They should have done a better job of doing the presentations earlier as we waited for awhiel but it just dragged and we are all cold and wet!
Timing – No timing chip hassles on the shoe, or ankles! Just like the Melbourne Marathon, they had the transmitter stuck into the race bibs.
The race itself – enough marshals, traffic held by marshals.  Enough drinking water.  Except for the finish segregation for 4Km and 8Km they could have warned or marked it 50 meters before runners go in chaos of doing another lap and those sprinting to finish.  Bananas and orange at the end.
Festivities – shame it was rainy, no jumping castles, and the petting zoo has been cancelled.  Even the nippers festival seem to have been cancelled.  Some food stalls packed up getting sh*ts from the weather.

My Run
There are so much race nowadays that this Sunday two running race is on this Sunday 24th October 2010.  Tez’ wanted to do a half at SMC(Sydney Marathon Clinic), and poor form, I already committed to running as a team for Woodstock and did not want to ditch John and Angela in the team.  Anyway he still was okey and happy when i convinced him it is a hard hilly 8 KMs anyway almost nearly an equivalent to a half marathon if he puts effort into it.

Angela and I agreed we carpool and since the races starts very late at 9:30, we  are leaving around 7:30ish which angela came on time and caught us very unorganized.  We forgot which street it is on, all i knew was its at the south Maroubra surf club so good thing we arrived more than an hour earlier before start.  And able to find the way, thanks to Angela’s GPS!

I wasn’t feeling on top of my best, because of this left foot niggle it has been bothering me that came together with that right foot injury before Melbourne marathon.  Every stomp i do with my left foot kinda hurts my the side of the foot.  I am blaming the shoes.

As usual, at start the kid particpants are all over the place if you are running from the end or middle bit as this kids sprint and just stop in front of you or they don’t just stick to their lanes.

Then uh-oh, I did feel something was wrong, I looked at my shoes and the right shoe got its lace undone! So i have to find enough space before stopping on the side to lace my shoe.  Tezza was already 50 meters ahead of me and I signalled for him to just go ahead.

I was feeling strong on 1st lasp as I psyched myself to just take the 1st lasp easy so I don’t get burned out for the 2nd lap hill.  There was this very competitive more senior runner who I have been in neck-to-neck with on the 1st lap.  Met her at the toilets, and sppoke to her briefly.  She wouldn’t just let me go.  She feels very competitive whenever i run beside her and she speeds up and tries to leave me.  I just did let her.  And i just notice it seem like I was better running up the hill bits than her as she slows down ad that’s when I catch up with her, and I did not know what happen on the big steep hill down, I just lost her.

I did stop for seconds at the drink station to catch my breath and put the heart rate down, but never walked this time compared to last year! I promised myself I could be running slower but no walking this time.   My 2nd lap seem to be slower, as a bit of struggle mentally on the hill 2nd time around as it is battling wanting to walk and myself convincing it not too.  I just told myself that it is just a bay run distance I shouldn’t give up.  And at the last water station I know I’m almost home.  So no stopping and mocking around.  I picked my pace and just ran to the finish. Yay I finished quicker than last year by 3 seconds but not breaking my quickest yet.

Event: Rotary Club of Maroubra Fun Run
Location: South Maroubra, NSW
Distance: 8Km

Team Results: 3rd  Woodstock Runners 01:53:14


3 Woodstock Runners 01:53:14
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  1. 26/10/2010 1:54 pm

    You really like fun runs and marathons do you? Do you happen to have a list of the fun run and marathons in your are? If I happen to have some free time at the date of the event I would like to join and meet you. I’ve been reading your blogs for quite some time and I rally like it and hope to see the person/s behind it caused I really appreciate the blogs posted here.

  2. 26/10/2010 10:28 pm

    Hey Great blog. My whole family ran on the day. We won the teams even for Curves Maroubra…..
    Wet, windy but always fun……running the 10k run4fun in a couple of weeks
    Keep on running

  3. 28/10/2010 4:19 pm

    I really love joining marathons and fun runs. So far I’ve attended about 8 marathons and 20 or so fun runs. Those fun runs we’re the best cause I met some really nice friends and we helped a lot of charities that the fun runs were dedicated to.

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