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Behind the scenes at MM


Behind my training on the Melbourne Marathon.

The Training

So the last Marathon i’ve done was 15 months long ago at Mcleay River Marathon.  It caused me ITBS, that rested from running during that period, it took me like 3 months to totally overcome the injury.

I would  and was planning to do the Canberra Marathon on April 2010, but I injured my ankle badly from Holidays and taht put me off for 6 months off the road.  And eventually the event did not push through due to legal issues with the organizers etc, so i am glad in a way I was not missing anything.

I learned that I must have over trained and having ran two marathons 6 weeks within apart each other, it might have caused my ITBS.  So I was more careful this time and tried to change my training.  Only 4-5 Runs a week and the rest are gym work.  Bike, Elliptical, weights and core.  I was a bit worried as I was not doing enough mileage compared to a “Marathon” training plan seen in magazine books and the internet.  Still I made sure, whatever my mileage in running is, I was increasing it only by 10-11% the max.  Below was my Training calendar.  Aside from that, It is winter cutover Spring, and the only time I can train is after work.  no I can’t wake up early in the morning most of the times as I work at night shifts as well, so the change of body clock and exhaustion from work makes it even harder.

Everybody can do it, its not just all mere skill and talent but time and dedication
Looking at my training calendar, I would have ran more than what I have ran and trained for this one and the only difference from my PB is 42 seconds.  Course route is almost all the same in difficulty/ weather is almost all the same.  I know I would have done better but I did no train as much as I want and I can, the course was easy.  Long period of time for training just not a couple or three… if you would have run like 6 months to a year and done trainings of 36-38 Kms number of times, you’ll slowly improve in your marathon time.  That means alotting training period, amd the will to religiuosly do your long runs.  Last year I was doing 1000KMs++ in a month and the difference is just seconds … go figure.. hmm why?

Post Marathon

This has been the worst and most painful day after the marathon feeling I have.  My left leg was feeling ITBish, It was so painful raisng and bending my knees.  Talking bout it that my accomodation on my way to the room, I have to go through 3 flight of steps, and checked in the plane home at the rear of the aircraft with my bag having to walk up the stairs and down the stairs, it was so painful.  The quads were both very stiff, it was very difficult squatting and sitting down, literally I could not walk,  My legs feel jellyish.

I wore my Skins for the whole day after the run, doing lots of stretches even it means painful, I know it will be good for me.  My left foot was feeling niglish prolly all this left leg is coping up is due to compensating for my right leg and foot during the race careful not to make my injury worse.  Iced, voltaren and compression for the day after.

2rd day after, still, it was hard walking, I could not run, but no more ITBish pain.  Its difficult to walk and still feel jellyish.  However I told myself, I should start redoing some active recoevry in the gym, at least 15 minute work outs in elliptical or bike, which I did.

3rd day after, Pain in the bum at the right side.  I wanted to go to Woodstock Interval training to at least go for a jog around the track, better recovery than doing on the pavement.  I did feel okey, although the bum pain was sitting there.  I ran with my VFFs making sure it was not the culprit of my foot injury, i don’t think it was, I think it was the socks I wore during that last long run.  Did a lot of bum, and hamstring stretches before sleep.

4th day, hurray! No more Bum pains! no more quad pains, no ITB pain!! I feel recovered (hopefully) 🙂 Thank you Lord!m pretty

And a 5KM race 7 days later. Aside that the foot still niglish, i’m pretty recoverd.

Brendan asked me during our post race lunch, “Do you think you’d run a marathon again?” answer: Yes.

BTW, just like the rest of Brendan’s friends and family and loved ones, I am proud that Brendan Davies, who was representing the state of NSW, did a massive PB of 3 minutes 34 seconds off from his last marathon, the last 3 weeks!  With a time of 2:33:45!! Amazing! he keeps going quicker and quicker and stronger everytime he runs!

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  1. 20/10/2010 12:52 pm

    I went to the physiotherapist today for my hip. My wife swears by this guy and lo and behold a little push and tug or maybe the other way around and I feel 100% better. Running tomorrow although he recommnends waiting till the swelling goes down. I’ve just got to get out for a little run though. At the moment I’m reading “Just a Little Run Around the World” by Rosie Swale Pope. At 56 she set off the run around the world. As the cover says 5 years, 3 packs of wolves ( she ran through Siberia in -55C ) and 53 pairs of shoes. Very inspirational. Good luck with you aches and pains.

  2. 23/10/2010 11:04 pm

    Really Helpful post. thanks for Sharing it.

  3. 28/10/2010 12:46 am

    I love marathon :thumb up:

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