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San Run for Life


After last Sunday,  really did not have any scheduled runs on a Sunday, and my foot.  I did not know how I would recover and my foot rehabilitation go after.  Well you know if you are a runner reader, you do want to always run, its been part of your life.  I was feeling better on the 3rd day but I am being smart not to go hard and so i decided to run a fun run on Sunday.

I asked Tezza what run he wants to do.  There is the Brighton beach dash, which is a PB course, ive done it twice profits go to charity and there’s San Run for Life in Wahroonga which I havent been too, Ive heard it was hilly, It is for a good cause itself for the Adventist Hostpital in Wahroonga.  Tezza says to where is is cheaper and we should go for the challenge! So we are goin to Wahroonga!

Tezza says he have stayed there before and he recalls how much hilly it is and big mountains there is in taht area.  So it is driving there, wishing that will not be the road we will be running into.  We were early, registered and I queued for the toilets and it took me like 18 minutes i had to only do short warm up.  We saw Barry and Angela fellow woodies and so Anglea and Tezza doing the 10 and Barry and I doing the 5.  10Kms went ahead of us then 8 minutes later or so we did.  It was hectic start with all the school kids not sticking to their lanes and they are all over the place.  Plus aound the hospital campus there are speed humps you do not want to trample.  The start quick no dawdling and walking then towards the bush leading to a road.

Downhills and uphills.  I can remember 2 hills that I did walk half way through it.  One that is not even runnable for my definition at least, it was so steep (should have hardened up).  There were number of hills I am glad I am only doing one lap, the 10KMs do 2 laps of the big hills!

As 1 Km past, the crowd thinned, and saw few women going quick and doing well.  It’s sometimes good probably that all i care is finishing and not making a good time and getting upset in the end.  I prolly forgot how to have fun in a run!

Anyway at the 1st kilometer my left leg was feeling ITBish, the same leg I was complaining about after last week’s run.  So i just took it easy for the rest of the run, specially the downhills.   The feeling of pain went away just before 2 KMs, so that was good.


At the last hill I am hoping, where the 10Km runners meet us, and seeing the 4Km marker, I am glad it’s almost over and I can see the Hospital building in front of me, hundred meters away! I was eyeing on it, steady on the pace but bit quicker.  AT least if I just finish it in 25 Mins, well at least that is still respectable.  And who knew it wasn’t that long and we arrived the finish, but I was off 45 seconds.

I am happy with the run and the results, and the condition of my foot and leg.

The Event

It was a very organized run, the most SES and ambulance i ever saw in a fun run.  Entertainment – good! Water station – good and enough water for everyone.  Value – $20 and you get a sausage sizzle! yum.  Prizes– lots, aside from the awards for acheivers, they had lots of raffle prizes and I won a Training voucher!

Event: San Run for Life
Location: Wahroonga, NSW, Australia
Distance: 5Km
Time: 25:45, 8th age/Cat (26-40)

Results can be found here

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  1. 18/10/2010 2:21 pm

    Good for you. Having an injury is a real “pain”. No pun intended. It’s a drag to want to run, feel like running and yet know that it is best to rest up. That’s me right now I put my hip out cross country running. Another week off at least.

    🙂 yea as my sister says, the prize you get in running a marathon …

  2. 26/10/2010 7:41 am

    you should use a weight loss calculator

  3. Dave permalink
    04/11/2010 10:56 am

    I did the 10k for the first time. That hill at 3-and-a-bit km is a killer 🙂 You missed the best one though – at the 5km mark on the 10k course is a huge downhill then a real slog back up… made the rest of the hills seem pretty easy!

    I agree on the organisation. Just fantastic. I’ll be doing it again next year for sure! The only fault I had was that just as you’re coming up that last hill to Fox Valley Rd, the 10k and 5k meet up and you run into heaps of walkers coming down – a real mess! Still, very fun run though – even set a 10k pb! 45:35 🙂

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