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The not so secret Melbourne Marathon I


Yes I did run another Marathon.

Why was it kept a secret from my running mates, family and friends?

Not much knew not until like 5 days before the run. Tezza knows as he sees me training, or reminds me not to overdo my running. Then Kerry when Tezza slipped and mentioned it on one of the Sri Chinmoy Race, and because of the glitched of Mapmyfitness announcing FB had a longis run at 30 KM Brendan got a clue!

So what’s the big deal why did I not say anything on my status message or announcing the trainings etc, well because I am very injury prone, and I di not want to jinx it. I did not even know I will get through the last phases of the long run without getting injured.  Plus I’m very stubborn, I did not want to listen or hear family saying don’t do a marathon, you’re wrecking your legs.

What gave me an idea?

The last City2Surf, I was not really going to run due to the haitus of 6 months from the ankle injury I had, not when Terry and I was signed up to do a charity run for his sister, so I said okey I’ll train for 14Kms. After finishing that race, I’ve thought, I think I am already ready to go back and run again. And I started looking up for Marathons on the last bit of the calendar. There’s Auckland@NZ, Toowoomba@QLD, Melbourne@VIC, ChunChon@Korea, beijing@China, Singapore is already closed, and I don’t think I’d run in Pasig Marathon, I would need at least a month to acclimitize to run a Marathon in that humidity, same applies with Singapore. So i was looking a decent safe period of training, at least 8 weeks. After shortlisting the options from distance, financial and the course aspect, I was left with Toowoomba or Melbourne. Both local, a week apart and I’d have 8/9 weeks training pushing it.

Melbourne that is!
I haven’t really decided yet until I was left with 4 weeks. I did research and I think I’d prefer Melbourne for some reasons. Still I wasn’t sure if i’d make the proper training needed.

Tezza won’t be able to come with me since a conflicting schedules on his sister’s naming day. And I was asked to be the godmother. It was a hard decision, I haven’t booked any hotels or flights yet or even the event itself! I was torn which to choose. Non-running readers will think i’d be selfish to choose the Marathon over a memorial day for a “family” yet I know a running reader would understand if i would choose and appologize for not going for the naming day. After trainning for 6 weeks, You can not just dump the whole lot including two long training runs and decide not to go. I was not happy to disappoint and made the choice, I am going alone, Tezza should be with his family on that important day and I will get by, I’ a big girl. So I did, 3 weeks before the event, I registered, the Marathon, flights booked and so with my accomodation.

Last long run ok but not quite
I had my one last long run planned 32 Kms. Rozelle-Leichardt-Lilyfield-Annandale-Glebe and the bay run. Humid, hilly and I was not familiar where the water bubblers are. I braved and finished it. Sore afterwards, hardly can walk, just exhausted. That was Friday. Saturday was meant to rest and meant to go to St. Mary’s on Sunday for a 6KM race, which we ditched and I ran with my VFF along the bay for recovery. All was good. NOt until the Monday after that, on my way for a business trip to Melbourne, my right foot was feeling niggly, it was in sharp pain! I bought tape, bandage and anti-inflamatory at the airport. It was bad. Soon as I sat down, I researched what is it, I could not find it, its not tendonitis. I was limping bad and I was already feeling unconfident of running the Marathon. I only left two weeks to taper, and hoping the two weeks rest will heal the injury. Every night that week I was icing my foot, but It was not getting any better, I booked an appointment with the accupunturist as soon as I get back to Sydney on Friday, I will get it checked and acupuntured.  2 weeks before the race, I got my race bib in the mail.

Back to being pinned
So i went to visit Terry, the physio-accupunturist. She was not pleased of what she saw, bruised and swollen foot. She says I did some damage with my foot. But she is one of the physios that will not say, do not run or you should not proceed with your Marathon. After telling her that in a week’s time I will be running a Marathonshe had a look and gave me some treatments, and scheduled and wanted to schedule me everyday to get the foot fixed! Anyway I did have two sessions before the THE DAY. She also gave me chinese herb cold patches I can apply on my foot for two weeks. Friday, two days before the Marathon was the last session of accupunture, the foot was looking better but still have pains. All I can do now is pray and decide on Expo day should I change to half-marathon instead?

Expo day, after contemplating after I woke up and having my breakfast, feeling my foot, stretching and doing some excercise, I think i will be able to run, just tat I will have to thread carefully, and just like what Tezza told me, “do not try to any world records if your foot hurts, just have fun and finish the race.” So I am and I will. I went to the CBD before going to the expo to go get my drinks I can place on the drinks station.

At the expo, I am feeling confident and happy with the decision, I will do the full, and not expect anything on mytime, I will be the happiest person if I finish in 4 hours with this condition. I ditched the naming day, Its too far away to do a half-marathon, so Tomorrow i am running a marathon. God bless my foot! 10-10-10 Here I come!

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  1. 15/10/2010 10:22 am

    may your run be swift! Good luck! =)

    Thanks Hotlegs 🙂 I am glad I pulled it through alright and happy with my finish time as well.

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