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Cooks River 16KM, 1st ever Sri Chinmoy trophy!


After a gruelling unpleasant Half Marathon distance training run last Sunday a week ago because of the very strong north winds, we thought we  will be okey to run the upcoming 16Km at Sri Chinmoy at Cook’s River.

I haven’t run this event but looking at the details it says 4 laps at the Cook’s river area in Hurlstone Park.  Its not going to be the best scenery having to go around 4x a course, but that will do.  So we registered on the event against 3 other fun runs on that day, Bridge 2 Bridge at Gladesville, Graham Clive Fun Run and The Westpac Hills Fun Run.  Time start is not that bad at 8am, and the location is just 20 minutes away maximum.  It was a very good sunny day, hoping it doesn’t get too hot during the run.

We arrived at the venue and saw Manal and her son and friends, then saw Kerry, doing the 16Km, and Peta, Daniel and friend who are all doing the 8Km which is 2 loops of the course.

I’ll call it a slow 16Km as having ran higher mileage a week ago, and feeling niggly on my knees I just want to take it easy and run it as a training run, and told Terry to go ahead and race the run!  So we the 16Km Runners went ahead away from the 8 and 4 Km events.  I had tucked one energy gel in my shorts, in case I need it.  (Or I might get mentally soft and help me mentally harden up a bit!).

Started at the middle pack and slowly ran pacing myself reminding myself “its 4 laps so don’t burn myself too much not until the last lap.”  And I haven’t ran this so I do not know how the course is like too, so it is exciting.  I do not have my watch so I did not care how I would go and would just wing it as long as I finish the run.  This is the longest race yet for this year.  The course is along the bike path so we were told to be aware of bikers on the path.  which we’ve passed or they’ve passed us a lot of times, some are rude for not disembarking their bikes on the two lane wooden foot bridge, some are nice for disembarking or stopping until all runners has passed the bridge before they continue pedalling on.  The course is flattish except for inclines goin up the bridge bits.  The scenery is nice along the river, and houses in that area.  You pass number of dog walkers and Sunday walkers aside from the bikers.  There was enough water that kept us hydrated along the race.  The path is not too narrow and is enough for all the events.

Find meow?

Bridge run

My run

I was not feeling energized.  My legs were feeling tired and lazy.  I had to run slowly to warm them up.  After not having a another good rest again after neighbors having a party on that Saturday night.  Anywya so i just made the most out of it.  Able to pass two females ahead of me, and was keeping an eye of the lady runner in purple hoping to at least not to be too far from her.  All the way, I can see Ms Purple lady, and i was able to hold my position.  It was getting hotter by the 3rd lap I had to pour water all over my head.  Run was okey, steady, slow one.  Had to catch my breath and lower my heart rate by walking at 2nd and 3rd lap.  Last lap, I decided to take the gel, by kilometer away to finish, I can not see ms purple anymore! She sped up, and saw another lady whom I do not know if going for another lap or last lap as me, so I tried to stay as close to her.  She finished ahead of me in seconds.  I’m happy I finished.  Tezza finished 2 minutes ahead of me.

Surprised again, was still able to get an award for under 50 category! 6th.  My first ever Sri Chimnoy trophy.  Have been running their events 2 years ago and never won anything as there are always good runners in this event, but im thankful this Sunday I got mine, even if its not my PB, I’m happy I finished well, the niggle I was feeling on my knees did not occur and yey for the 6th place! Stoked!

Event: Sri Chinmoy Series, Cook’s Rover
Location: Hurlstone Park, NSW
Distance: 16KM
Time: 1:21:24, 6th U50 Female


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  1. Richard permalink
    19/09/2010 10:41 pm

    very nice

  2. 24/09/2010 1:22 am

    Well done and good job pushing through the fatigue! Feels great to get an award doesn’t it?

    It is, the best award always is finishing the whole course without walking! and feeling great after wards.

  3. 03/10/2010 11:18 pm

    very nice job, you showed me exceptional bravery ,keep moving ,go go !


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