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Woodstock Handicap Series 3, 2010


This Woodstock Handicap run around the Bay series 3 is my 1st Handicap run for the year.  Having been injured and recovering for the first 6 months of the year, i never got the chance to run this activity.

I decided this October I will run it, I think my legs and feet are ready after running few races and training run, I will be okey.  It is also the 1st time I am running/”racing” wearing barefoot mimickig footwear, vibram five fingers.  I decided to do so, since I know the course, I know where the rough surfaces and no dodgy bits where i will hurt myself.  Plus I had ran in them number of times around the bay too, making me more confident the feet will be okey.  What is unknown to me is the time it will take me to finish the 7Kmish run, as I always tried to run and tread carefully whenever I am running in them.

So come Saturday, Woke up early planned, had coffee and got dropped off by Tez on his way to work.  I nominated 35Mins as my finish times, based on past handicaps i’ve done.  First to notice my shoes is Tristan.  He calls it the beach shoes.  He will be running later than I am as he is very quick as of the moment.   I did not want to get self conciuos of racing when someone gets behind me and I will take it easy.

Start: Race master Colin called my name out and off I went.  Taking it easy, pacing myself, trying not to go too quick.  That is my running mantra for the moment.

Dry throat: At the 1st Kilometer, I can see Max MCgown’s back, and few hundred meters, he was overtaking Emma and Bridget.  Slowly i was able to catch them and Max too.  Just after meters away i decided to stop and rink at the bubler as it seem that the coffee dried my throat.  Stopping maybe 2/3 seconds i continued on and I felt better.  Suddenly near the bridge to the westlink running with a pram and his daughter, Tony caught me and I asked him to just go ahead.  That is hard running with a pram!

Cathcing up: Slowly, I saw Tomi at at La Montage and just after I turned at the corner I saw Tristan at the corner of my eye.  I did not want to race hi, so I was thining I hope he just goes and pass.  I can feel him breathing on my heels.  My feet is starting to feel tired stompping on the ground.  So i tried to run with longer strides.  Reaching the small elevation to the dirt path at the mental hospital bit, we passed Angela.

Slow treading: And I slowly treaded on that dirt road careful of not doing any ankle twists and treading on sharp rocks and pebbles.  And Tristan took advantage and sped off, its just 2 kilometers away to the finish.

Overtaken: Then Steve  overtook me, after his 5 Km handicap with Coolrunning! Then reaching King George Oval, Paul Whittway caught up and overtook me, I was waiting and anticipating that, then passed by Tony.  At the 67 stairs up the bridge, Kazu caught me too and I caught Tony and Steve carrying the pram up.  I used all up my oxygen that climb i feel like puking, and calves bricking.  Yet I continued to run.  Few hundred meters more accross the bridge, I will be fine.  I still can see the heel of Paul and Tristan.  And just before the downhill to finish, Martin passed me.

Finished: Up the hill to the finished, glad its done.  (I am still still waiting wat my time is)

My feet is feeling okey, we had the barb after the run and the usual coffee at Bowen Island.  Suddenly Tony Purse, Rick and John noticed my shoes and asked me what is it.went home tired happy but blistered on toes.

Event: Woodstock Handicap Series 3
Distance: 7KM
Time: 34.24

Yes, I will run on it again on the last handicap, just note, its already 3rd day after the run and my calves are still sore.

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