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Step Into Life Fun Run 2010


Deciding should i do a long run on Sunday or a race.  However, its a Sunday  after a handicap run with the Woodstock.  I ussally do not run before a “race” unless I want a bad result.  Although Tez is not keen in doing a longish run of 25+ KM with me so I said, okey prolly I can do my long run on Tuesday the day of my offset from work and just do the 8KM race on Sunday easy after the handicap.

Also considering I miscalculated my mileage I overshot 10% rule with a 7KM run after the handicap run.  I should take a rest.

John, Tez and I agree we take one car to the race so we picked John and drove to Pennant hills.  The run was posted in coolrunning website but there are no information on the links provided.  So John emailed the organizer and so did I and got the details of the race.   Planning to pick John by 7 and need to be out of the house 5/10 minutes before 7.  Unfortunately, at 4am in that Sunday morning, we were rudely woken up by this neighbor with his loud music and only was able to get our peace and quiet sleep by 530, 30 minutes before we need to get up.

Anyway, we were lucky and convinced ourself to wake up for this run.  Picked John on time and on our way to the run, we were discussing that the event has the possibility that it will be like the Belrose fun run early last year sponsored or organized by the gym in Belrose.  We were psyching ourselves on the way to the venue, that it will be as disorganized, no marshals etc.

We arrived at the race venue and as expected, it is lowkey and quiet, not much people around, no queues in registration, no queues in the toilet.  It is mainly participated by the gym members and I guess they organized the run for the member’s to have a goal no just being members in the gym.  The run’s profits will also go to a Diabetis Charity.

Start: By 8am the Fitness trainers did the briefing and we had a 10 minute warm up excercise.  We walked up the street from George Tornton Reserve to the start.  4Km walkers went first then us.  I just told Terry to go ahead as I do not want to race as my calves are stiff and painful from running yesterday’s Handicap on VFF.  Plus knowing its at the hills district, and we are not locals of the suburb, maybe the course route is self explanatory on where it is located.

Hills: Sure it was, just 100 meter after is a big steep hill down and corner down and few meters flat then up hill.  That was the course all through out the race.  running mantra was, keep steady, don’t care, not racing, never walking.  Then I realized, there is not much runners as it thinned out, the 1st female sped off and left, and i noticed i was going in for 2nd female.  I was wearing my Woodstock Runners Top and i did not want to walk as it did not say walkers and runners … and i did want to encourage the gym goers to keep on running, so tried not to walk on hills even it it meant walking pace.  Even with the downhill where you are suppose to recover, they are steep hills that kills your quads.  I kept on praying i hope this is the last hill, but never ended till the finish!  I was just aiming to finish and do this as my speed/training run.

Course: The course was marked only on the half way distance.  I wasn’t wearing any watch too which is good as no pressure and stress.  The course was marked with arrows on directions every after 100-200m apart.  Aside from the last bit where the 4Km and 8 Km separate it got confusing with two arrows pointing to two separate directions and you have to be quick and slowdown to read what the arrows says.  Glad the arrow says left for 8Km finish as the 4Km arrow points to another big hill!

Finish: I am glad to have reached the cricket ground where the finish is, but i can not see where the chute is!  It was still an undulating hill up the grounds and I did feel like walking again, but there is this two kids who did the 4Km walk and they were behind me.  Its just few hundred meters i am sure to the finish I still can hold on, slow and steady, and reached the top of the hill and finally glad to see the finish chute, running down hill in spent!  39.25 Minutes! Organizers handed me my time.  Was happy to have sub 40 on a challenging course.

Had drinks, and watched the presentation, and I got 2nd ladies, im stoked!  That was a good run, despite the calves, and lack of sleep and hard course.

Review: Low key, but well organized.  well marked directions, Water station only half way which is okey.  Less traffic, but roads not closed.  Cheap registration, value for good cause and sausage sizzle and drinks at the end.

(borrowed photos from Abbeydigital)

Event: Step into Life Fun run
Distance: 8Km
: 39.25, 2nd female

Event: Step Into Life Fun Run
Location: West Pennant Hills, NSW
Distance: 8Km
Time: 39.25, 2nd Female

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