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Pub2Pub 2010 (Park2Pub)


Happened that my birthday is on a weekend so we thought of spending by going somewhere for a change.  I thought of doing the Pub2Pub run so why not go for an overnight up the northern beaches the day before.The Pub2Pub Run has its title very self-explanatory, it starts in a pub ends in a pub.  Although it does start in a surfclub okey because they can serve drinks there it’s a “pub” and ends at Newport Arms Hotel in Newport.  Unfortunately, a week before the race, I am disappointed to learn that the race which suppose to start in the sand for 800 meters was moved to Griffith Park because the lagoon was open in Dee Why.  Other than disappointment of not running in the sand, the course was 1.5Km short because they had to move the start.  (At least they could have adjusted it around the block of the area to make up that 1.5.)

Anyway, we had a good carboload in the evening went to bed early, and waited for the bus that arrives 6:50 that will take us to the race start enough time before the 8am start begins. We arived at the start of the race and which unofficially changed the race name to Park to Pub. Got our timing chips, and got our warm clothings to the truck.  And so this is how the race started:

Start: Late start at 13 minutes, because they are not able to close the roads on time.  Start of the race was slow from grass, yes because I started in the middle of the pack, then we were led to the sidewalks of the neighborhood which is 2000 people on a narrow street, and footpaths were only allowed.  How would you fit 2000 runners all at the same time on a footpath shared by both directions?  Witches hats and pylons were on the street and marshals telling runners to stay off the road and use the sidewalk.

During the race: We passed by the shops on the sidewalk and only a meter allowance on the road itself to share.  Tough luck if you are stuck behind a runner who do not know to keep left and let faster runners pass.  It was like running C2S getting elbowed and dodging in between runners because it is just too narrow, traffic on going so you really can not run on the road.  It makes me wonder, the organizers were hosting this run for years now and keep on increasing particpants on this race to 1K per year.  Should’nt they at least consider increasing the space not just by staggering the starts?  Maybe you get that if you have organizers that are not actual runners and are not aware of this situation and care less.

Not flat, not an easy route. Its not all bad because views beside the waterview is pretty and good, up the hills down the hills.  So it is a good route with its own share of hills and downhills and some flats.  Dodgy parts was when you have to cross major roads.  Yes there are races where cars are halted for runners to cross but we are talking about local suburb roads.  Here you cross the major road and again, tough luck if the marshall thinks you are slow and let vehicles pass the road and so you get stopped.Gutters, just oo much of them.  Tripping hazzard!

Water station: Enough water stations and volunteers.

Distance Markers: present but since the race hhas moved it is not accurate. Up that heartbreak hill, we are happy to see the last 1Km marker which we saw on the way to the hotel

Finish: Was a good downhill finish, not knowing if the finish line is almost there thinking still that the organizers might have re routed the run to make it up to 13 so I was not in a hurry only when I saw runners turning to the left to the carpark finish I knew this is it.  So we finish in a car park, with dodgy narrow finish, they should have cleared that area or at least finished somewhere else than those two building posts as the chute.Baggage claim: Chaos.  Trucks just dumped all bags there, no one is manning the area and it’s a free for all to look for your bags.

My run: Was happy to have finished the race without walking even in the hills!! And they did have a version of a heartbreak hill.  Had my usual side stitch.  Aside from that I think I was okey.  Still more than 5 min per kilometer if the distance is 11.5KM finishing 58:28, too bad even if the website says 12KM that would have been a good run for me.  Will I run it again? Maybe if they improve the traffic and race.  Sure, what do I expect with the $32 Registration fee, that is not enough costs to close the whole major road.

Event: Pub2Pub
Location: Collaroy to Newport, NSW
Distance: 11.56 Kms
Time: 58:29

(a borrowed photo from Marathon Photos the only running photo i have)

Anyway, it has been a good day, a good run for me, good views and good relaxing drinks at the end.  Lucky to have arrived before checkout at the hotel so we were able to shower, dress to fresh clothes while waiting for the presentation and no bus queues and long queues to the bar and toilets like C2S.  Still organizers should look at improving this event or try to run the course themselves.


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