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City2Surf 2010: Survived!


I thought of not registering this year’s Sydney’s 14KM City2Surf, the biggest in the world with 80K particpants, because I am hating the crowd and the queues after the race.  Getting stuck in Bondi, portaloo queues and food queues.

But because Miranda, Tez’s sister thought of putting up a cause for their late son Jack who was still born last year of August, she chose that maybe we can run for Jack during City2Surf.  So that changed my decision of not doing it.

We registered week before the early bird registration closes and joined Woodstock team.

I don’t know why I was feeling dreadful of this event this year.  Perhaps because of the injuries I had tha prevented me to do much training that i needed.  That’s it, I feel I did not train enough.  I did try but!

Race Day: alarm went off at 6am.  snoozed till 6:15 and never got up again till 6:45!  It was a panick and a rush to get showered and dress up.  Sunday buses don’t come often and we need to be out of the house before 7 for 7am bus.  I knew, I checked the time table the night before pushing it at the latest at 7:25 we will still able to make the last baggage truck.  The race does not start till 8:30 and we are just 15 minutes away from the City where the race starts, however the trucks leave at 8am.

Bus Stop: just like the past 2 years of my City2Surf, the stop is filled with C2S participants of different bib colors, and of first timers and veterans.  THere should be a bust at 7:16 it says.  Then here it cones, it did not stop, it is full of C2S participants! Looks like its going to be a taxi.  But what stroke of luck it is!  Just behind the bus is a private car with the driver signalling four fingers in the window.  So I hailed it.  he said he can take 4 pasengers.  Heaven sent!  we were joined by two other girls who came first at the bus stop with us.

Angel: The driver is Paul.  And he is running the C2S for 17th time.  Wish we could have asked his last name if it it does not seem to intruding so we left it at that.

Start: Arrived and jogged and warmed up to the bag collecting buses, stripped off and went to the gates.  We were pretty early at 8am and the gate were still open and not as crowded as last year.  The sun is out so it was not that bad wearing singlet on that day.  After 30 minutes later the gun was fired and off we go.  I reminded myself to just go slow and pace myself at the start as there would be an incline at William street and don’t want to be feeling puffed just on the first 2 kms.  I was surprised i was feeling better than last year reaching the Cross City Tunnel.

I was scared and not looking forward to the hills but I was psyched that they will be there any moment.  So the anticipation was there and I know I might not do well for not training enough!  3 big hills that is.  First hill okey.  2nd okey. 3rd on the heartbreak broke my legs and I had to walk like 30-40 seconds.  Broken in spirit to have seen a fellow woodie past me without difficulty! So i started to run slowly again I do try not to loose my red bib on this race.  It was a bit crowded, being dodged and elbowed by other runners.  Its a sea of runners ahead of you.  never thins out compared to other road races.  Made me wonder, how does the view look like for the elites and prefererred runners ahead.  they are missing the fun!

Finish: A bit of a struggle but never missed a water stopped and jogged all water stops, drinking and dousing my self with water everytime i get the chance.  I see the surf, and its 1.5 Km to go, holding on,  trying to be constant before the gasket breaks before finish.  I was already hoping I might be out from the red bib and doing 77 minutes.  200 meters and the finish chute is there.  Sped up a little but no sprinting (i was feeling I was about to puke around 800m to the finish) so I did not want to trigger that when I finish.  I see the time and its 1.33.28, ..3x..34 when I crossed the line.  I would still be in that group next year I am so glad.  I am happy I think i was better than last year’s time.

After the race, the usual Woodie meet and chat and to the pub went on but we did not linger and trekked back to the City just after lunch.

Days after:  Got the times and happy for 71:43 (1:11:43).  8 seconds slower the first time I ran City to surf 2 years ago when I was in green bib.  But I am happy I am quicker than last year.   Maybe if I would have not walked that shaved the 8 seconds off 😉  Will I do it again next year? Who knows!

Bears of Hope: Oh we did reach our goal to raise $500 so that is good too.  Thank you vey much to all the donors!

Event: City2Surf 2010
Location: Sydney-Bondi
Distance: 14KM
Time: 1:11:43
Team: Woodstock Women Open 10th Place

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  1. sfrunner permalink
    17/08/2010 2:12 am

    Congrats on the City 2 Surf. That has long been linked with San Francisco’s Bay To Breakers race. Hopefully, you enjoyed the experience as did the thousands who participated. Take care Chaia and keep on running!

    Thanks Wayne! I did enjoy it. Its a love hate event. Always glad to finish it. TC!

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