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Sutherland 2 Surf: 11KM 1st timer


I am feeling crook since Wednesday night after a run in the rain but was planning to run Sutherland  to Surf, a race I havent ran in the past.  I did want to run but because i was bit sickish i thought of leaving it and see how I go on Sunday.

And it looks like my sniffles won’t go away.  And I have been training anyway the week i was crook, yes i am crazy.  So I discussed the logistics of how to get to the race on Saturday night.  Decided to drive to Cronulla (that’s the Surf part) park there, take the courtesy bus to Start in Sutherland.  We got to Cronulla 7:25 so enough time before the last bus arrives.  Parked and walked to the bus and to find out a very long queue waiting and no bus!  Having perceived the bbus won’t arrived any sooner, we decided to drive to Sutherland since I haven’t registered yet.  So stressed already and the GPS wont even work!  Following the road signs and good signs kilometer or so we begin to see runners walking and so we followed and got to Sutherland.  Rushed to the Registration, and glad to see lots of people still registering.  Saw a fellow woodie, John Philips, said hi.  But again I was in dire need of visiting the toilet.  I will not do another PB just like what happened last week in Hunter Valley.  The toilet queues are so long and I can’t wait, i went to the car park and found a big 4×4 blocking alost all of the view where people are walking docked and did my thing.  Ah what a relief!

Still enough time! 10 minutes before the start.  I can’t believe It we did make it to the start with all the hassle.  I have been hearing that S2S is a PB course, lots of downhill they said and two big hills at the end.  Hmm well let’s see.  So the start gun was shot, 7300 runners and walkers stomped their feet.  Last year I was expectating due to ITBS Injury now it went the other way around with Tez.  I havent done much racing this year and I do not feel i havent trained enough yet compared to the past few years.  So I was trying to take it easy.  And surprisingly the course is not flat, yes downhills but coupled with inclines and up hills, and not just the two last hills in the end.

I did try my best to run and not stop and walk.  First water stop, I grabbed water and kept on running, unfortunately reaching the 8 Kmish or so i started walking 15-30 seconds which happened three times! 😦 My legs were too lazy and not as strong as my mind! what a frustration.  Anyway I tried to catch up withthose who overtook me during my walks which I sort of did.  Or when I walk I make sure that I don’t get overtaken by the runner I overtook when I was running! I thought I think I should change my singlet to Woodstock Runner and Walker so it won’t be as embarassing to be walking!  It is so hard and frustrating to have lost my fitness since that major ankle sprain :(.

Anyway, I saw and ran the two hills at the end, seeing the surf but not quite the end yet.  I kept on trying to run or jog at the last 1 Km and alas crossed the Finish line without any sprinting.  Glad to be home in the finish line.  As i walked to the baggage area, i was glad to hear the emcee announcing that it’s been 53 something minutes.  I was expecting to have done it at 56 minutes!  So I am a happy runner-walker at that.

I’d like to be better next year, and I will do it again.

Event: Sutherland 2 Surf
Location: Sutherland/Cronulla, NSW
Distance: 11KM
Time: 43:45


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