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Sri Chinmoy Series: Dolls Point


I remember this race very well, because this is where my ITBS started last year.

Last year, I ran the Half-Marathon since I was registered for the whole series of the long distance events.  And this year, I am tempted to do the half but I havent done any training so I thought, just do the 10KM and have fun!

I know how the course is, up the Captain cook Bridge which you run up and down 4x on a half marathon and 2x on the 10KM event.  It was a forecast of rain, but it is actually clear but cold day.

I positioned myself at the middle as I did not want to get pressured of racing runners, and I do not think I was ready to race yet.  I was planning to take it easy.  Then the start was announce, off we go.  Slowly I ran, slow pace as I can on the grassy and sandy start, then up the foot/bike path, to the 2 KM marker.  It was a flat path.  I thought I was going a bit quick unintentionally.  Looking at my watch on the first half I thought i was going quick and we havent reached the bridge yet! And It was daunting me having that speed and we are not there yet!  I was running below 5min/km at the first half, and just at 5 on the 6th going slower.

I can see the bridge in my sight and told myself to take it easy, I did not want to walk.  So a slow ascend, slow short steps, then recovering the time down the bridge yet trying not to be too puffed for the climb back the bridge, slow as how I did approaching the bridge.

Tired and thirsty, going back I needed a drink, knowing there will be no more drink stations after the bridge for the next 4 Kms.  I stopped and walked then ran just before I heard a runner’s step behind me.

I tried not to do my mistake from last year of going too quick before I can even reach the finish line, besides on the race I kept on reminding myself I am not racing!!  Hmm yea two females overtook me from the start 1 just before the brisge which I recovered my position back from her.

Going and back, we were passing half marathon runners who are taking it easy.  And at last few more meters and the finish chute.  50.40 with feeling about the puke.

Happy, as I was expecting to be doing it at 51ish minutes.  Happy it is better than the last 10KM i did.  Atthe end, greeted fellow runners whom passed me and I passed, and I chatted to one runner whose wife is really quick 38 in the 10km! said he was behind me and trying to pace me and he knows he will be okey.  He think I started too quick too early.


Event: Sri Chinmoy Series
Location: Dolls Point, NSW
Distance: 10KM
Time: 50:41


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  1. 24/07/2010 1:41 pm

    I have to watch going out too quickly, too! I was having a great race at the St Jude 1/2 Marathon in Memphis a couple of years ago. Making my paces, feeling strong, except for that nagging ache in my right knee. I ended up with full blown ITB and had to walk the last 3 miles. So disappointing. But the band I got really helps to stabilize the ITB. I am back racing again.
    I am sorry to hear that. I hope you are recovering from the ITBS. It is a painful injury. And frustrating to be injured.

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