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Bay To Bay 2010, I snailed it!


Last week, I am trying to build my mileage back so for my endurance.  I can say that this month is the month I am truely back from any stop start after that mishap of my ankle.

Slowly I am out of the tape, just because I ran out of it and never got time to get a new roll, I should be at least be taping my ankle once, as I am weaning my ankle from the support.  It is planned that Bay to Bay shall be raced and we will be particpated for the preparation and training of City2Surf’s 14Km.

I was able to do a 16Km that week so I thought it is possible to run a 12 Km, even after a recovery of strained-calves from a stubborn-learned VFF running 2 weeks ago.  I told myself I should because I need to at least run a 12KM even with a bit of hesitation.  I never ever felt so nervous like this for a run just like the 1st years of racing.  Its like I do not know how to run again.

Driving up Central Coast the night before, we planned to park at Gosford and train to Woy Woy so it is easier by the time the race finishes not to go back to WoyWoy again.  We just had enough 30 minutes to spare before gun time to pick up the bibs, stash bags stretch and warm up.  It was a cold morning and I did not know should I shed the long sleeved top or not.  Better than last year that it did not rain that morning.

The sun was showing up slowly so I took off the long sleeved and glad wasn’t that bad at all.  At 8:03 the gun was fired, we were at the back of the pack as I did not want to get ran over in a  stampede.  And just slowly paced myself knowing it is a 12Km run I should not run too quickly.   Slowly I pushed my way into the crowd.  And I think was running too quickly the first 2 kilometers at 8 minutes.  So I tried to slow down.  The air was a bit cold and I can feel wheezing asthma attack.  Then around 8/9 Kmi feel really really thirsty, although I did drink in every water stop I saw.  Finally one last water station before the 12KM, I was already feeling tired.  I was slowing down.

I know its just 2 kilometers almost can see the finish holding on, and finally finished slower than last year.  The results are impressive, lots of very very quick runners.  Number of senior runners male or females even did sub 5Min/Km pace.  Very inspiring!

After the run, I can feel the injured foot a lil bit strained and I am glad it did not act up.  I am hoping to run better on City to Surf.

Location: WoyWoy/Gosford Central Coast, NSW
Event: Bay to Bay 2010
Distance: 12KM
Time: 1:3:39


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