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Western District Joggers’ Heart of the Lake 2010


Few days ago, we were deciding which race to run this Sunday.  There are three which is the Oatley Fun run, Bondi Barefoot or the Heart of the Lake.  The contenders is either the Bondi Barefoot which I’ve done twice and the Heart of the Lake which we ran last year too.  It was a forecasted stormy weather and expected to get rained upon.  I thought if I go to Bondi since I havent registered yet, I need to be there at 7am and going to Bondi by Bus is not that straight forward.  I could have drove but I am not confident driving yet.

So I sent an SMS to John if he is going to one of the races maybe I can get a ride.   And sure he is.  To Bankstown, Western District Joggers’ Heart of the Lake.  Last year was a rainy start, and a muddy finish.  Was a good  10KM for me, I tried my best as it was my last year for my under 30s in my age category, hoping at leats I’d place well in my age group which I did.

Today was a different story.  I haven’t done any much training for a long time, no 10Km runs in weeks all under 10Km on and off eversince this sprained ankle business.  I know going to races will keep me motivated to keep on running and the main goal was there to have a fun run and finish the course and maybe this will keep me going as we need to train for the upcoming City to Surf on August.  Being injured is not a good experience.  It is very frustrating not able to run, getting unfit.  I lossed interest in the gym working so late at work everything gets unmotivating lately.  Anyway back to the fun run.  So got there just under an hour, plenty of time to register, warm up, stretch and tape my foot!

It was not cold when we left home and it was cold at the venue.  It was freezing!! After registration, we did a good warm up “run” and a “jog” (defined by Brendan’s pace) with Brendan and John.

Few minutes later, the run started.  I know this course is not an easy one, with hills and grass and dirt.  So I was trying to pace myself specially that I know I was not meant to race the thing with my conditions.  I was going under 5min/Km half of the course and just got too tired with teh hills going back that I fell from the ranks.  All I kept telling myself to finish and try not to walk.  Yea I did a walk for 20 seconds up one of the steep hills and that was just it.  ran all water stations.  At the last 2 km, someone called my name from behind and I thought it was Peta who caught up with me that I slowed that so much.  Suprisngly it is all good Brendan paced and encouraging me to run better.  It is good and motivating and he dropped me at the last 200 Km to the Finish and he had another lap of 10km!  And the male runner I passed in the hill and the young girl passed me to the finish with their sprints.

In the end I learned that the young girl was 11, so I got beaten by an 11 year old girl (and the youngest runner for the 10KM course) !  I had fun, I know It wasn’t a good time but I finish and taking in consideration this is my 2nd race of the year! and the longest 😛 so I am happy I am going back running.  And I wasn’t even expecting to win any knowing 30-39 age group is really competitive group, but I was really surprised to learn I still got 3rd place for my age category.  funny.  I am happy I went to the run, I am happy I was out there with the other runners and met the few runner acquaintances too. Woodstock again is very well represented and good to see Derek White one of our oldest runners in the club is out there running after his stroke a year ago.  very inspiring! So what does my ankle injury say to his age and condition and he was out there running!  All woodies won something price and a raffle so everything ended well.

Event: Heart Of Lake Fun Run
Venue: Bankstown, NSW
Distance: 10km
Time: 51:49, 3rd G/Age Category


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  1. 31/05/2010 9:58 pm

    Hey great to see you back in action, hadn’t seen you at races for ages! Congrats on picking up a medal, good luck with continued recovery 🙂

    What a surprise! Thanks Joyce for dropping by! and yes I am happy and slowly back running! twas good to see you there and congratulations on the good time and the medal 🙂

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