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@ the sidelines: SMH Half Marathon


Not running due to non training and still recovering from the sprain injury last January, it has been decided to just go and watch and cheer on the runner doing the Sydney Mornih Herald’ Half Marathon.  This is the 2 out of the 3 events while I am here in Sydney that I have not ran this event.  1st, I missed out on the registration and 2nd this time.

Just got to McQuarie St in Sydney a minute before gun time and just in time to get the camera (thanks Aris for lending me the camera!!) to take the photo of the start.  My compact camer’s battery died, so I borrowed my cousin’s Hubby’s Professional Camera.

It was fun watching the runners run, cheering them on as they pass by, but makes you dizzy with so many runners and feet going past in front of you!

Our Woodstock team won places.  The Mix team – Brendan, Martin and Bronwyn – won first amongst 97 teams, our Woodstock masters – 9th and Kerry who is going to run NY Marathon on november won 1st in her age category.  Photos can be grabbed from my Facebook and Multiply Albums.


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