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Back to basics: A fun runner


Just like one of my shirts say, I run for fun, no seriuosly!

On May 1, it was the Athletics NSW State Championships or 10: Sydney.  Which means an event where your running results gets ranked amonst the runners in the state of NSW.  Last year I did run this just 3 weeks after my first marathon and i PBed my 10Km.  This time, I decided I will not run due to unfitness and recovery from injury.  I am totally decided but I was considering of running the 5KM, since it is shorter and is a fun run, I suppose this wont count your ranking etc.

Yes, bad as it seem I am obsessive and scared to fail.  Scared to disappoint myself.  Even if it meant I just came from injury it is hard to accept I am starting back to the basics.  Some might find this attitude annoying my anal compulsiveness on my running time.  Injuries are not an excuse.  Probably it did teach me a lot of things, but it did not help my stress and mood levels specially when I was not running.  Anyway enough of that.

All i did plan is to drive Tomi and Tezza to the race, it gives me opportunity to practice my driving and for a change, expectate and take photos.  At the event we saw Max a fellow Woodie.  He also decided to run easily as his back from past injury has been acting up.  Him and the rest of the gang convinced me to run the 5Km and run for fun.  Take it easy since I was all prepared with my woodstock gear, taped ankle and running shoes, might as well do it as i am already there.

Come to think of it, this will be my first ever race for 2010!
So psyching myself not to compromise my ankles and shouldn’t mind of my time, well good thing, I left my watch at home.  So I will take it easy no matter.  Just like what I have been doing in my runs in the bay, restrain myself from racing and trying to catch up the runner ahead of me and overtake.  Surprisngly the fun run seem to be only attended by 51 runners.  So it was fun runners looking on how they look, very relax, carefree of their finish time, I was more pleased and less pressured.

I did not sprint or run quicker as the gun was fired, I really tried to pace myself slowly as I can and not think that I am in a race.  I was doing okey not until a very bad stitch caught up in my right side which did not go away from half way till finish.  It was hard going back to running as I as thinking, contemplating I can not believe I find it hard doing a 5 Km after have done a Marathon last year.  I promised myself at least never to ever walk, not doing my best is bad enough.  So walking is a big No.

Happy I did not walk, and Happy I finished the fun run surprisingly at a decent time.  Surprisingly I still made it to Top 3 on Women open and happy I wasn’t that far behind from the lady in front of me of 26 seconds, okey maybe 300M.  Was it fun? yes it was, Frustrating? Yes.

Comment on the event by the way, last year it was not as commercialized as this year.  It is just organized by Sydney Striders and the ANSW.  It is good.  Now having adidas as a sponsor and organizer, there is a new route and the parking to the starting mats is a shocker.  Its like 2 KMs away.

Race course still flat except for that incline on the bridge.  traffic free, few runners, enough, well marshalled water stations and properly marked  course.

Event: ANSW State Championship,  Sydney: 10
Location: Homebush, Olympic Park, NSW
Distance: 5Km
Time: 25:26, 3rd Women, Open


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  1. 14/05/2010 3:34 am

    I used to run Cross Country in HS but slowly burned out. After my extended “Leave” from running, I am back and do it because I want to.

    I now run at my own pace and enjoy to be outside.

    That is good! Keep on running 🙂

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