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Plastic, Pins and Plaster


It’s been officially 3 months now since my ankle sprain/twist.  And yes it is still not very well, BUT it is getting better than the last time I wrote about it.  And it is NOT from running but from table tennis!! On the last day of our vacation in the Philippines.  I know a few people are now confused what my Injury is as I seem to be injured all the time! I hope this will be the last time!!

Anyway, After the MRI, I was advised to lay off from any running, and I couldn’t do anything physical too for a week because three of my wisdom teeth has been extracted.  Stretching and strengthening excercises, icing and to put the swelling down, apply voltaren overnight on the affected area and wrap it with cling wrap so to keep the ointment longer in the affected area.

Last Friday, I was suppose to advice my Physio in Balmain Physio for an appointment of cortisone/streoidal injection should I still feel pain and if the ankle is still sore.  Which was still but i was told and researched that the injection will do no long term fix into the damage.  It will supress the swellingn since it is an annti-inflmatory medicine.  And a Woodstock mate, Deirdre, recommended her physio Terry Li at Drummoyne Physio.  She has been having her achilles injury fixed there through acupuncture.  I am a bit hesitant hearing the pins … yet injection is same thing.  So I braved last Saturday and visited this physio.  I gave her the history and results of my MRI, She had a look, made me do the stretches and the wobble board.  And I was told that it seem to be better.  After that she asked me to lie down and she was holding on to the pressure points askingn me if its sore and painful, and without warning and I was not made aware she was already hammering (okey that’s an exageration) but she does a hammering action of the pins on my foot like a voodoo doll.  It is hmm pinful! :p

So I thought, being ignorant of this practice, having not googled it before going to her, I thought that was it, wait till i get releif from the pins.  But no! She connected each pins to a small electronic sending gadget and turned the signals on high or low till I feel pulsating signals into my foot.  It is painful when she does it overly withthe electric shock and I did have to tell her it was too much.  After 15 minuntes, till the shock get’s faint she brings the signal up again, till I can feel it.  That goes for 30 minutes.

Before leaving her clinic, she taught me how to do Taping.  As she asked me how I knew about the clinic and so she knew I run.  She taped my foot and according to her this is to gives mroe support to my foot till it gets stronger back again.  Well it did feel supported.  The taping is a bit tricky but I need to do this in every physical sports i need to do or hours and hours of shopping and walking.

I went for a run yesterday.  A short 5Kmish slow run/Jog and My legs and ankles were not battling, but It was my lungs getting puffed from getting out there again and starting all over again from scratch.  Got home removed the tape and it felt no soreness in the ankle area, only a lil stiff from getting use to running again.  Will do more stretching, strengthening excercises on the ankle and I am hoping to be better again.  WIll be going for another Acupuncture session nfor the third time and hopefully the last.

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  1. 05/05/2010 2:22 am

    mare koy how is it farin na? is your ankle better na? or you have to come back for another session?

    Mars, it is better I guess. No major pains. Although I did have to go to the physio for the 3rd time and hopefully last session this coming Saturday.

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