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Should MP3 Players be banned on races?


This has been a discussion last year with the Sydney Morning Herald Half Marathon where in one of it rules say, “use of MP3 Player during the race is prohibited”.

Why is that?  Well maybe because SOME do not see the dangers of wearing one.  You notice sometimes that on training runs, you see people on their MP3 players and some put their volumes so loud in addition, they use the noise cancelling earpieces.  In this situation, it is very dangerous because one would not be able to hear incoming cyclists and runners behind.  Also motorists if you are running in the road.

At times too they can be hazard or annoyance when the lead biker/car with the lead runner coming through and you don’t get out of the way.  Well I am sort of against this with limitations of when and if yes you can run with them, but maybe one should be responsible and considerate of the traffic.  Always stay far left to let runners overtake, or at least put the music to minimum so you hear traffic behind.

I was running with one before and stopped because It was not motivating me at all, but then I am back again and try running with it again on a different approach.  It is not surprising that particpants of the poll do not want to give the music away while racing.

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  1. kingofpots permalink
    20/04/2010 1:18 pm

    i’ve been wearing one before but i got irritated when my mp3s/ipods had the tendency to be broken due to my excessive sweating and the wires to my headpiece were annoying. for almost two years, i’ve been running without any mp3s/ipods and enjoyed hearing my breathing and the pounding of my feet on the ground. lately, i’ve enjoyed counting my “stride cycles” during my runs and enjoy the scenery of the route.

    It is annoying, come to think of it sir. The cables and the earphones. Instead of concentrating on your run, the focus changes. However, there is this sport MP3 Player that you wear around your head without cords like a headband. or the SENNHEISER PMX-80 Sport II, just like some they run the cord underneat their top to avoid the dangling cable where your arms can get caught at while running. The stompping and the breathing sounds of other people is very good to hear except for some that wheeze and irritating.

  2. 30/04/2010 4:15 am

    My opinion is yes. Road safety comes first before any other benefit. In our state it is illigal to drive while listening to cellphones and mp3.

    Thanks for your comment David. I agree with you.

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