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Cat’s back to couch


Yes that’s riiiiigggghhht! I have been off from running for almost a month now.

Why?  The ankle has gone back swelling, sore and painful.

Let me count, yep, its 2 months and a week now.  Who ever thought that a simple twist/sprain ankle will last this long!

Story: I have been seeing a Physio in Balmain Sports Phsyio and he went on Study leave he handed me over to another Physio.  Physio 2 after 2 sessions with her told me I can go back running slowly, gradually building up my distance, which I did since I have my flexibility and balance.  Physio 1 came back and I need to re-schedule anyway the time he came and told him that looks like it is not healing back yet.  So after all the routine of stretching, massage he told me not to run yet again.  And he told me to have an MRI hoping I don’t need surgery.  Yep the handover was not a good idea :(. I’m broke paying them etc .. anyway ….

So had my MRI done and not after a more than week that I was able to have it interpretted by Physio 1.  Good news, No fracture and no need for surgery!! 🙂

Findings: Partial tear in the ATFL and Calcaneo-fibula Ligament.

Inflamation of the peroneus tendons.  Resolving bone contusion/bruising is seen in the medial aspect of the talus.  I am glad that the suspicion of fracture is eliminated.

The anterior ligament is thickened and an excessive accumulation of serous fluid in the intercellular spaces of tissue.  Fluid present in the posterior aspect of the ankle and the anterolateral aspect. Fluid is seen in the perneus longus and the brevis Tendon sheats with tenosnovitis (inflamation).  Mild spain to the superficial medial collateral ligaments but no evidence of tear.

I was told to stay away from running and hopping and jumping activities but Physio  assures he wants to bring me back to running.  Should the swelling be persistent at the end of two weeks, I will be referred for cortisone/steriodal injection, which I hope not.  So I would be boring myself for few more weeks in the gym.

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  1. cruisec0ntr0l permalink
    09/04/2010 1:39 pm

    so sorry to hear that chaia, i’m sure with proper rehab, you’ll be back in no time. kainis lang talaga pag gusto mo tumakbo pero di mo magawa hahaha…hope your foot gets better soon.


    Slamat Bobby! Sinabi mo pa! Because of injury and sitting in front of the computer napapagastos ako bumili ng running shoes (nde naman ako makatakbo!) hahaha

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