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Shoe Review: Nike Free 5.0 V3


This is what happens with the frustration of being injured.  Me staying a lot of time online in the internet and being impulsive on onlin shopping! diverting my frustrationnot able to run and buying running shoes!  Look what’ve found and bought a pair of one just that its black and gold, too good to run with, like running with a bling!
Comfort: Very comfortable.  Compared to the 2004 pair I had and Nike Free iD this have narrow fit.
Fit: Narrow on the forefoot area, feels like that the support on the ankle/achilless part is lower but I compared it with the iD they are of the same height.  It feels low.  Takes me longer to wear this in.  On longer runs 10KMish up after wearing them in for few months now, the toes feels restricted and cramping.
Minimalist Functionality: 1/2 Flexible soles.  Lesser than the iDs.  Not much of a heel.  Breathable, Suede Material.  Very light less than 1 kg per shoe.
Material: Suede except for the heel/achilles part.

I will run and race with it, but it looks like it will take me longer to wear and transition into this shoes.

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