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Shoe Review: Nike Free 5.0 iD


As late last year I went back to my old Nike Free’s version 2004 trying to see if running on minimal shoes will bring me back injury free how it was like before.  And I actually felt less sore/stress and pains after runs.  So I thought why not run with Nike frees and train with them.

Just before the Christmas holiday, I searched online but there is none available in Australia.  there are bute the new ones Nike free 5.0 which I did not like.  It feels very constricted on the feet and not as soft as the old pairs I have.  So I searched online and found one in eBay! and Yes that same photo and color is the same one I got.  It is so cute that I did not want to run in them! anyway … I have just been running with them shorter distance on shorter periods on the treadmill due to my injury and I found the following experience:

Comfort: Very comfortable.  Just like the old ones I had! Just snug enough, and soft and comfy all around.
Fit: Not too narrow and fitted.  Just right.  And not to wide either.
Minimalist Functionality: 1/2-1 inch Flexible soles.  Not much of a heel.  Breathable, Suede Material.  Has deep cuts on the rubber sole for flexibility when feet is in motion that it tries to follow your feet countour.
Support: Comes with an extra rubber in-sole should one thinks the support is not there or its too loose.  Very light less than 1Kg per shoe.

I got mine at 50USD plus shipping so its less than 100Dollars which is the SRP.  Too bad Australia/Philippines do not have Nike store or the Nike Store in US can not deliver outside US.:(

It is so cool that you can Customize your colors.

Yes I will train with this on long runs, Maybe run with it on a Marathon … when I am injury-free.


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