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Book Review: Marathon Woman


This Book, Marathon Woman by Kathrine Switzer has been in my Christmas wish list in 2009.  According to Terry he was not able to find it before Christmas and bookstores did not have them, not even in eBay.  Then in February, I am lucky while browsing in Dymocks, I found a copy and without hesitation I bought it.  It tooke me nearly a month to finish the book slowly but below is the review 🙂

Summary: It is a book about the first official female Marathon runner in US, Kathrine Switzer.  (It is not the first female marathon as there has been records of the first female marathon when the Olympics was revivied in 1896 whose name is Stamatis Rovithi. ) Her work and perseverance to question why are females not allowed to run a marathon and her perseverance to prove the society wrong of thinking that 26.2 miles (42.125 KMs) can damage a woman’s body was a start for women’s advocacy that females can run a marathon! And females just not merely CAN run, they also are good in the distance.  Her consistent questioning of this rule in US/Boston Marathon, and her love of running pushed her to try and register herself for the distance.

She consider herself as a jogger.  It is one of the most controversial Marathon races in 1973, at 20, putting her name with her initials, and since rules did not ask what gender the participant akready automatically that all registrants are male, only after 2 miles that the race director realized that there is a female runner in his race.  Although a year before an unofficial 1st female runner did run the course, Roberta Gibbs.  Kathrine finished her first marathon at 4:20.

She was pleased that she can run the distance and this started the action of pushing women in Marathon.  With the support of the people who believe in her, she was able to convince Olympic official and made the sport available for females and thus the born of first female marathon as an offical sports in the Olympics in 1984 in Los Angeles.

With all of this, she is considered as one of the women pioneers in Female Marathon.

Contents: Very inspirational.  She talked about her family background, how she started running, her education, her love life and career.  Inspiring that it made people belieo ve during that time that women can run, and run a distance of 26.2 miles.  Inspiring that she finished her first Marathon at 20 from 4:20 to breaking a 3 hour mark at 2:51!! (how  i wish i can do that too one day!!).  She is very determined.  She tried to balance her studies and running and chores and family and relationship with lots of challenges.  Not just she acheived somethin for herself, she also encouraged female running all around the world.

Photos: Lots of photos in the book. Good ones, with her controversial photo being dragged out away from the course in 1973 Boston marathon and a lot of her running too.

My say: I ❤ ❤ ❤ it 🙂

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  1. 29/03/2010 1:23 pm

    I saw this book on sale too. Just browsed the pages and looked at the pictures. Controversial pala yun dati. The one in the 1973 Boston MArathon was a nice picture to capture that moment. 😀 I bet this is a nice read.

    Thanks Jinoe :). It is a good book and worth reading.

  2. lonerunner permalink
    31/03/2010 3:05 am

    oo sa Booksale sa MOA I saw this book. parang 200++ Pesos lang ata

    really?!?! asus kainis! hehe I got it approx equivalent 1800PhP kaya.. hmpf!

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