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Transitioning to barefoot


So researchers/researches say that running barefoot will keep you injury free!

But whoa! Hold your horses! not that fast! Do you know you will still get injured when you run barefoot? Well aside from unknowingly treading on glass/nail/syringes … you can injure yourself if you run barefoot too soon!

So your feet was used to running with shoes right?  Anything done too soon is dangerous so do NOT jump into those minimalist running shoe and break them in to half marathon distance!  So what should you do?  Transition.

1. Shoe Transition
You should train your feet to getting use to none cushioned shoes until it gets used to it, then jump to next.  Half an inch heeled shoes to flats to barefoot.
e.g Nike Frees –> Beach Shoes –> VFF –> Totally barefoot!
You can shop and try around and do your homework in review of this minimalist shoes before buying them.  asics kayano , adizero pro, nike free 5.0, Terra Plana Evo.

2. Wear them in!
Thou shall not run in the new foot wear immediately.  Wear them in.  Wear them in the house, walk them to chores, brisk walk with them, work out with them, after weeks of your feet feels it is ready and then go run with them!

3.Go Soft!
When you think your feet has worn in the new minimalist shoes, and you can run in them run in soft surfaces first.  Be aware that the area should be broken glass free, syringe free, nail free etc.  Grass, bitumen, clay, soil till your feet has been hardened and trained enough like concrete. run in concrete :p.

4. Shorter distance
When you run the foot wear in, run shorter distance with it.  from 5 minutes, to a kilometer to a couple etc.  Build up.  Let your feet will slowly get use to it than introducing your feet with an activity drastic.  Why? because it will hurt the first time! or you’ll get yourself injured.

4. Don’t go with the bandwagon!
Do your research.  Just because it says it will get you injury free, and just because the best running buddy you have or the quickest or best coach says so you will go and buy this footwear immediately.  It pays off to confirm and verify and consult experts.  Do your homework.  Knowledge is power.

Good luck with the barefoot transition!

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  1. 22/03/2010 2:54 pm

    Well Organized. Hope it is going well for you. The difficult part of transitioning is figuring out who is who should NOT go barefoot and those who could having patience during the transition. Most people these days don’t have much.

    Thanks ptjess. What you just said is so true.

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