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Cheap iPod?


Aside from eBay where else do you think you can get a cheap/reasonable iPod here in Oz?  Actually not just iPod, also iShuffle, MacBooks and any Apple products.

Did you know you can get refurbished iPods with warranty?  I think this is a better deal than eBay since you get warranty of what you buy same just like buying a new one but cheaper.

I got a pink shuffle for myself if i am on for an anti-social run. :p  check Apple Store.  Although the online store is not that great, it takes a day for your order to reflect online. :(.

It is complete sealed in original Box, new earphones and charger/adaptor.  Hey you can also have it engraved or wrapped up as a gift for free! (hmm apple should give something here for promoting them stores! lol).  You can search your apple store worldwide what services they offer. 😉

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