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Running Movie: Running Brave


Trying to recall I think this is the first real running movie I’ve watched.

Running Brave is an 80’s movie based on a real life story of a cross-country runner Billy Mills.

At the intro, I felt it is going to be boring as it is an old movie however surprisingly, no boring moments (well if you are into running/atletics and sports) for me.
Billy Mills an American Indian who is tops cross country running got qualified and went to University of Kansas as a Scholar in credit of his running talent.  In the university he topped inter-collegiate athletic meets.

A lot of time during his university days, he gets discriminated because he is an American Indian.  And after have stayed in kansa he has adapted life and found his love their yyet by the time his family and close family visited him, they thought and felt their Indian heritage did not belong to America.  this upset Billy unknowingly psychologically and started declining his good skills.  He quit the athletics team he is in and went back to the Indian reserve.  A close family friend died due to desperation that his dreams did not come true pushed Billy’s determination to make his and at least the Indian community come true that he even if he is an Indian will do well.  To get tothe Olympics, that was his dreams.

He trained, joined the military and got qualified in the 1964 Tokyo Olympics .  In the 10,000 meters event he was not the main runner however from a reserve runner he ran the and won Bronze.  Mills is the only American who was able to do this in American history.

Very good movie.

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