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Competetive Running: Am I a show-off or not?


Was reading a mate’s blog and came to one of his reader’s comment about compliments on his writing style as a no PR, No show off, self-promotion review of his run.  It did bother me, well yea okey, every one is entitled to his own opinion.

Being an over sensitive myself, I was struck by this comment.  I write about my runs/races and review and share how quick/slow I went.  I know number of runners/bloggers not just in running who put their results online but I am sure not all who write their results on their crib’s online are self-promoters or brags.

Do you like competition or are you competitive that’s why you write about your running results?  or do you just keep track of your mileage and speed and you are just there for fun and fitness? Is there something wrong writing the results? Do you mean to brag about your speed to whole entire internet-galaxy?

I am wondering what our the reader’s take on this?

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