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ITBS Gone … for now


I was chatting to a online runner/blogger running ninja and he asked me “Oks na ITB mo” (translate: Is your ITB okey already?).  And the answer is yes! Huraay!

So what tricks worked with me? Been told that I am injury prone … I’d say nothing in particular fix will make one heal from an injury will be applicable for someone who has the same injury.  Mine was gone from

What has worked for me (does not mean would apply to one who has it too … consult a Physio first!!)

1. Remmedial Sports massages
2. Stretches – specially hip stretches
3. Changing foot strike – from mid/heel strike to forefoot
4. Changed training shoes to lighter shoes (Nike Frees)
5. Rest and Cross training, No long distance races
6. Foam Roller

Some says keep on running (it does not work for me, it does F**kin hurt!), do quick runs (does not work for me either) … one can share what has worked for him/her but you alays have to be smart and have your common sense that your body is not the same as the one who suggests it, ok?

Well that is for now.  If I do the mistakes in the past ITBS will reccur.  And what now.. yea I am still waiting till I can run after this sprained ankle.

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