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Injured again!?!


Oh yes, you read it right!

I am currently injured and can not do any running in 2-3 weeks time!  I have twisted my ankle really really bad at the last night of holidays in the Philippines.  And it is not from running.

Then how?  My sister and I were havng a ping pong match at the resort’s entertainment center and the ball flew off out the center.  It was 8 pmish at night and so it was dark.  I went to pick the ball but I did not notice the deep ditch where I jumped out from the center and my right foot just stepped on the edge of the edge of the ditch.

It was one of the most painful thing i felt I can remember in my life.  My sister came to rescue when she heard me “argghh” loudly.  I couldn’t explain the pain, I was louging I couldn’t cry it was painful I could not feel my right foot.  So I knew I twist my ankle all I can think about, why?!? I need (NEED) to run!  2 years ago, I broke a toe n my left foot unable me to run for 6 weeks.  Now this.  Oh well accidents happen.

Funny how lucky I was for not having not injured in the past days of adventure and here I am getting injured over a pingpong game.

All I can remember on Injury is do RICE.  Rest, Ice, Compression and Elevate.  I did Rest, Ice and Elevate that very moment.  However it was the day We were about to go back travel to Sydney so I was not able to rest very well I was walking that the swelling was so evident like an elephant’s hoof! It is so ugly.  4 days after acquiring it and a day after arriving Sydney, I went to visit a Physio and had my foot checked.  And this was explained what has been the damage.

The Perneous Longus Tendon has been torn from overly stretched from the twist and the Tibius Posterior Tendon is compressed during the fold thus the bruising.

symptoms: bruising, swelling, pain
Good thing:  No surgery, scanning, or broken bones, can bike, can swim, flexibility is there
Bad thing: Torn and compacted ligament, no running

I was given massage, and some excercises to do.  Also I was made to wear a compression bandage to wear during day time.
Week 1:
No Pain, severe swelling, bruising
Flexibility Excercises
1. With my injured leg forward, legs straight I lean forward doing a lounge without bending the knees.(30 seconds)
2. With my injured leg forward, legs straight I lean forward doing a lounge bending the knees.(30 seconds)

3. On a ledge with your toes supporting you on the edge hold on to something raise your heel up and down like doing a tip toe as high as you can (15 seconds)

4. On a flat ground, bend knees, raise uninjured foot at the back bent and try to balance yourself, 30 seconds.  Do the same with eyes close to make it difficult.

In between this excercise to a wriggle of your innjued foot up and down.  Should be done everyday.

Self massage:I was also told to massage gently my foot on my ankle towards the shin to bring back the hallow shape where the ankle is and to prevent the cartilege hardening up.

Week 2:
Painful, swelling at ankle and foot arch, bruising
Do excercises 1-3 from week 1
Strengthening excercises

1. Same as Step 4 from week one, but instead of flat ground, do it on an unstable surface.  Best example is find a pillow, and do the excercise on the pillow.
2. Using a excercise band make a loop and tie it so you cn insert your foot on it.  Using your uninjured foot to help give tension loop it behind your foot and do a pull of the foot not rolling your leg only using your ankles to move your foot outward.  (16 counts x 2)

2. Still injured foot inserted in the excercise band, and using your uninjured foot to help give tension Cross your leg over the injured foot and loop it behind your foot and do a pull of the foot not rolling your leg only using your ankles to move your foot inwards.  (16 counts x 2)

Week 3:

3. Additional Flexibility excercise
Just like the excercise that involves in the ledge, this time on a flat floor do tip toes for 15 counts x 2.

I was told no running in 2 weeks, which is hard.  It will be known on Saturday (6/2/2010) on the developments.  Tried mocking a jog hoping it wouldn’t hurt since surprisingly It did hurt. 😦  I wish to run soon, wish inuries stop visiting me!!! It is not goo to start the year like this.  Because I realized it is just 10 weeks to go to Canberra Marathon, I don’t think I will make it.  I dont have enough week for training.  Watch out for progess …

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  1. m8parco permalink
    01/02/2010 12:26 pm

    Bummer!!! Take care Chaia

    onga eh 😦 Thanks Mark! and goodluck on the Marathon!

  2. 02/02/2010 9:27 am

    just looking at the pics make me cringe!!!! that must have been really painful. rest and recuperate . just dont go crazy :-). after 3 weeks you will be hungrier than ever before for a PR.

    Surprisngly it is not as painful as yesterday!! I am hoping for a PR Pat. thanks for the symphaties. Good luck on your Marathon and your event next Sunday!


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