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Philippines Holidaze ’10: Running absentee


As I always make sure to bring my running shoes (and my cossies) when I travel, Be it a chance to run in a gym, swim in a pool or run outdoor or swim in the beach, of course I did bring my old Nike Frees with me, and had bought new ones and hoping it get delivered in my parents place through eBay while I am there so I can run. (However due to very good postal service in the Philippines *sarcasm!* the shoes arrived and we are already leaving Philippines back Sydney!)  (want to skip this story and want to know more bout my Holidays in Philippines? Click here)

We also planned to run with the Hash House Harriers at Dau, where John, fellow Woodstock Runner, invited us to visit him while he is also on holidays in Dau.  So we went, and met the Hash House Harriers based in Dau, Philippines the day before the run.  But due to Travel itinerary and Bus schedules in Dau to baguio we skipped the Run. (Will be uploading their running video soon!)

Hash House Harriers

I was able to run 4.2 Kms in them one day in Bengue State University Oval one morning hoping to get fit while on Holidays.  Which what I did last Year while I was on holidays running everyday at the oval after I got sick and tired just going round and round it, as I was too shy too get ridiculed to run on the road being a female and wearing shorts, it is veyr unusual and I might get cow calls!

Coming home from the run from the mist and frost from the grass where we ran, I left my muddy shoes outside the house.  Too lazy to clean it up and knowing my new shoes will turn up soon!  Next day my sister was talking to my mom saying how cheeky the puppies are for bringing home a pair of shoes and so they hid it away at the trash bin shoudl someone get mad at the neighborhood!  But my sister asked me, isnt’t your shoes colored purple and grey? and I said yes, why? and she showed my a chewed up Nike frees! (lucky dogs that those shoes are really old!)

Anyway we never had any chance to run anymore, however we aslo brought our Woodstock top with us so we can send it back to Sydney!  and I so we miss the Woodstock back “home.”  Below is a photo of me and Tezza playing at the beach at Banol, Coron Palawan!  No Running but lots of snorkling.  One of the best snorkling ever, so much marine life and corals.   ANyway on this trip on the last night I got a very bad ankle sprain! And that’s another story I will be writing soon.  (another few weeks off running due to this!)

@ Banol Beach, Coron Palawan

There were races while we were in Philippines but it just did not match our schedule, having wanted to spend a lot of time with my family in Baguio as I can and we were wanting to visit other places in the Philippines too.  So with the story of not able to meet up with my local running club h@ppy feet.  Maybe next time! and next time, should I get longer holidays I am hoping to run more.

Want to know more bout my Holidays in Philippines? Click here

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