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Fitness 2009, the bests and the worsts


It is almost a month late but its better late than never writing this peice from last year’s recap of what has been running meant to me. (Aaaannnd! Chinese New Year hasn’t started yet so I have an excuse :P)

Fitness: Having had accumulated  3854.7 kms in training and races in total coupled with cross training of swimming, bike, cross trainer, and weights.

Total Runs. Totalled 2146.35121 KM of runs, February 2009 being a peak of 247.06721 KM of runs.

PBs: Set PBs on year 2009, 42.2KM@3:56:04 – Mcleay River Marathon ’09, 30KM@2:41’11 – Sydney Marathon Clinic ’09, 25KM@2:11’34 – Sydney Marathon Clinic ’09, 21KM@1:47:12 – Sydney Morning Herald Half Marathon ’09, 16KM@1:18:42 – Sri Chinmoy, Bay Run ’09, 12KM@1:01:26 – Bay To Bay ’09, 10KM@47.57 – Brighton Beachside Dash ’09, 9KM@44.10 – Central Coast Mardigras Fun Run ’09, 7KM@32.54 – Woodstock Handicap ’09.
Having improved running 2 years after starting to do running for fitness is a good sign.
Conquered a race where I had to DNF, Bondi Soft Sand, last year.

Marathons: Debut at Canberra Marathon 3:56:05 and 2nd was at Mcleay River Marathon at 3:56:04

Injuries: After Mcleay River Marathon, 6 weeks in between my 1st marathon, I inflicted myself with ITB on my left leg.  Sometime after a half marathon on July 2009 at Cook’s River, my right leg got ITB after just recovering from my left ITB.  ITB has gone totally away by End of November after series of excercises, and rests.

Worst Race: Performance and body-conditioning wise, knowing that my right ITB was not recovered yet, Not wanting to disappoint the team of me and Bronwyn and the Woodstock Running club having to have just registered in that event of two woman Marathon, I pushed to run a very challenging course for a 21.1 Km finishing my worst race ever clocking at 2:00:17.

Learned: New fitness activities not just running like, Pilates and swimming.

Quickest: Quickest race was at a pace of 4.64 minutes/KM at one of the Woodstock Handicap Run of 7 Kms at 32.51

Slowest: Slowest race is Hunter Valley Half Marathon at 5.68 minutes/Km pace at 2:00:11

Overseas Run: Auckland Half Marathon

Downgrades: Auckland Marathon to Half Marathon, Sri Chinmoy Centennial Park Half Marathon to 7Kms

Weight: Platued my weight at 43 Kls for a year and by the end of the year I got heavier at 44 but never changed in body mass as it seem to be muscles building up.

Unnsuccessful goal:Project Abs.  I wanted to have a washboard abs! well that was unsuccessful.

Success rate: 50% for able to finish my Project marathon and 50% fail for Project abs!

It has been a good year fitness wise.  last year having not wrote this things I am a bit frustrated and disappointed to have been injured and not able to run as much as I wanted.  But now that figures has been laid out,  I am happy of the outcome.  There are a lot of room for me to improve, whatever frustration and fails I had will be the stepping stones this 2010.

With the disappointments, it has taught me to be wise in choosing what races, and the meaning or rest and recovery.  I am looking forward to another good year of fitness and mostly running, improve my times for 5KM and 10KM mostly, run another race overseas, weigh back at 43Kls-44Kls, and if permitted to be able to run 2 Marathons with better time and of course stay injury free!

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