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Unexpected Champion Person Award!


On December 6, 2009 Woodstock Runners and Walker club had the annual Christmas Party and awards night at JP Pizzeria at Putney.

At the same time, aside from just being a Christmas Party/dinner its the annual Woodstock awards night too.  We arrived at the venue pretty much on time or couple of minutes late but the party has not started yet.  Its a small cozy joint.

After having our orders taken and drinks, our Woodstock president Roy started with the program by welcoming the emembers and their family and friends who came to attend the event.  So the awards started.

All I know is (having low EQ at times and too impulsive and stubborn, I messed up with the surprise and did the computation myself) I won the handicap series for this year so I knew I was getting something yey!  The Handicap scoring system is best of three of the 4 events.  If you get to guess your finish time, and the closest estimate to actual wins.  Not that I am the fastest in the club, It was a year of good guessing and attending the Handicap.  I got 62 point It was a close call from Brendan and Anthony who came second.  We got our wine, trophy and the cool club trophy.

What I was not expecting was to win the Champion Person Award.  Which says: “That person who has done outstanding work for the Club throughout the year, with no thought of

I never thought i will win this award, I know there are number of us who deserve this award as well, like Brendan, Martin, Colin, Rick, John, Barry.

I was also a part of the committee of finalizing the awards, however it is a surprise for most of the committee members and trying get the bias away someone neutral gets to tally and give their final choice without the presence of the nominee.  I was told it is for doing the club’s newsletter.  I am overwhelmed and grateful.  it seem easy because I like doing it but sometimes i am not that agressive chasing articles or writeups I need, I do not feel too pushy however sometimes i do or I need to.  There are some challenges in the background but I think it does make me learn more or grow mature to deal with such situation.  I am grateful for the club and its members who nominated me and I am happy that most are happy for the December issue I just published.  The award actually pressures me or inspires me to keep doing better and better on each publication.

Oh I love the trophy, it got the crest of the club.   BTW all trophies were made by Derek White who got the President’s award.  He is such an inpsiration to the club.  Hope he recovers soon from his stroke.

So this club trophies will be resident trophies for the year until I turn them over 🙂

We had a fun night with a very smokey dinner from grilling our own food on a voolcanic rock.  It was good and well organized.  Thanks to Lesley and Deirdre who organized the event.

Complete Nominations

Complete Awardees

Photos are compliments from Nadine Davies

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  1. 11/12/2009 5:30 am


    Thanks Chefsy!

  2. 21/12/2009 2:57 am

    Congratulations and well done! I am certain that there will be more to come.

    Thank you Sir Ipe!

  3. 27/01/2010 2:48 am

    Congrats! It seems you gather all the awards. Girl Power!

    Keep it up!

    Thank you chiitagirl!

  4. 27/01/2010 7:05 am

    Chaiket, congratulations, for a job well done! 😀

    Salamat Roselle!

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