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Central Coast Half Marathon and Fun run


Waking up at 4 am to trek to the entrance for an hour and a half for the Half Marathon and 9Km Fun run was not easy.

We had a good easy night dinner at Balmain’s Bavarian Beer cafe, where no one really had to carbo load as no one amongst Tez, Me and Tony to run the half marathon.  We however got big beers into us, which I suppose still carbohydrates.  And end up leaving the pub at 10 and caught a cab home yet hoping for a good early night sleep our next door neighbor had his duff duff sounds on, despite of attempts to nicely talk to the tennant he ignored our pleas and was apeased by the security on guard whom we rang after.  Anyway so that was not easy.

Having just have less than 5 hours sleep, showered, had breaky and hit the road, having Tony nicely wanting to have Tex and Me as passengers to the coast as our John wasn’t sure if he is going due to his car acting up.

Got coffees at Mcdonalds and continued on our journey which was good traffic free.  Reaching the race area at 6:30.  As race starts at 7.  We had enough time to go register go to the loo, stretch and warm up and chat where we saw fellow woodies Bren, Dot, Nadine, Daniel, and Linda.

Start: Couple minutes after 7AM and we are off.  I was feeling good this week, having no knee niggles, ho bum pain, no hamstring pain, and it has been a week that I have been running back with my Nike Free so i thought I would go easy and have fun on this come back pain free run.  I did the half marathon distance last year wich i got decent time but I a, being smart to just run the 9KM this time.

Course: Flat as pancake but with ice cream on top!  It is flat but short incline on a foot path along the Entrance and the bay.  Concrete and wooden bridges.  Narrow at the start with some poles too close for comfort, nearly hitting them myself.

Race: I am feeling fine, except for the 2nd half where I was getting really bugerred with my breathing problem again.  Tez did run with me this time all through out the race which is good.   Few runners overtook us, and some we overtook some too.

It was getting warm just when we reached the turn around point making me feel glad I did not do the half marathon as it would be too hot.  Stopping in every water station literally stopping and walking to drink loosing at least 5-7 minutes each I did not care.  I just did want to finish the race without walking and coming back with no injuries.  I am hoping that this goes completely better and it would be a good Christmas Gift for myself.

Looking at my watch I was thinking we would reach the finish around 43 minutes, but in the last kilometer I was too tired to bother to sprint for the last hundred kilometers.  Instead I enjoyed the last meters of the run, it would be sub 45 minutes and I am happy with that.  I did not walk so that is good.  I did not feel any pain so that is all cool.

We were cheered on by John, Nadine and Tony at the end.  Having a non-standard distance i did not remember I have done a 9KM before and saw that I did one 2 years ago on the Sydney Bridge Fun Run which I beat my time, so I got a PB of 2 minutes or so.

Event: Tuggerrah Lake Mardigras, Central Coast Half Marathon and Fun run
Location: The Entrance, NSW
Distance: 9KM Mardigras Fun Run
Time: 44:10 PB, 3rd F30-39, 11th F


Photos by Nadine Davies.

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