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Running and your carbon footprints


So you think by running/walking and cycling to work help reduce pollution?

That’s what i think myself.  However recently I have been reading that running/walking and cycling produce more carbon emmission than driving a car or using public transpo.  Disturbing isn’t it (yes if you are concerned of climate change).  How could this be?

Since we think that because we don’t use gas and we use our own energy it is friendlier.  But we actually use energy.  Walking/running/Cycling to work uses energy from the food that gives us energy required to this activity.  Fossil fuel is needed to produce this food we need.  If you are a vegan from the water and nutrients and energy from the sun and the energy of the farmer that grows the veggies, to the energy to and from the grocery and your energy to prepare the food.  Same thing when you are a carnivore, whe the animal eats etc.  Wow I haven’t thought of this myself!  Thus for example, we do need more food when we need to run 10Km to work everyday, then our energy resource is higher.  The effort we exert is higher than driving or riding a public transpo and the Carbon dioxide we emmit while doing so, from breathing.

On the other hand on a public transpo/driving uses less energy since it uses less effort and time.  And the argument goes on that it is better that we stay at home not travel, and do nothing because it will emit lesser CO2 emmision.  What do you think?

However we should not think this way, if we eat local produce that does not require transport much, since Food are sustainable energy, specially if we are pro-organic, and the sources of our food use the right way of farming and livestock then it means balance.  Driving on the other hand use oil and gas that are energy that is very hard to sustain and could take million years to make if it runs out.  Only if their are more hybrid cars and public transpo.  Also maybe consider not taking your Ipod/mp3 when running because it uses energy? Funny I never realize this either as I don’t see the bigger picture of what little devices cause.

So the question is, do you agree what this this study/Research is saying?

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