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Christmas wish


Few more days more and its December and 3 more weeks is Christmas!

Yes even I won’t be spending my Christmas with my family and my old friends this year, I still be happy as long as I know they are happy.  That is my first wish.

Aaaanddd so what’s next? I have a non-material and material wishes that might remain as a wish as they are impractical or just way too dear for my budget.

2. Vibram Five Finger
Running a marathon? yes i can be a looney, some are loonier that they run ultra marathons, well some also think that running barefoot is looniest!  ALthough there is a research and debate that running barefoot keeps a runner injury free.  A book Born to run where the author is a barefoot runner himself who does different marathons arond the world.  I see one or two barefoot runners in some races with the improvised sandals.  And now a new footwear called Vibram Five Fingers simulates running barefoot.  I have always been injure prone and I want it to end Now! I want to try this, yet just trying it at 200AUD might not be worth it.

3. Nike Lunar trainer/racer/Free

Alternative to the VFF is the Nike version of running barefoot.  I have been a fan of Nike’s for quite sometime now, because its light and comfortable.  I have been looking around for the women version of the Nike lunars but I couldn’t find one.

4. Running Books!

Marathon Woman – Bout the first female who ran the marathon which was very controversial when women were not allowed to do any Marathons before:

Born to Run
– a Barefoot runner who does marathons around the world

5. Injury free, faster and good endurance

Yes, another one hopefully soon!

That by start of the race season on the new year, that I be injury free.  That the prirformis pain goes away and no more ITBS on both knees, and no new ones!  And If i get injury free I will be back doing proper training for speed and endurance.  Aside from the usual Sunday and social runs I regular do, wish I could do two marathons next year.  I don’t know which ones yet.  Maybe Canberra, Honolulu, Phuket, or Gold Coast.

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  1. 25/11/2009 11:27 am

    As someone who is training for a marathon in VFFs and whose last pair of running shoes were Nike Lunar trainers, I have to point out that the two shoes could not be more different. The VFFs feel natural and connected to the ground. The Lunars (which I wore for my last marathon) have a heel that is an inch thick and it feels like you are running on marshmallows. After having done all of my training in VFFs since the summer, I just cannot imagine running in anything else anymore.

    Thanks Devin for telling as your testimonial bout the VFF. I like my Lunars, and i am going back to my old Nike Frees, And I don’t feel the tendonitis pain on my foot! As of the moment my size do not come not until end of December. Good luck on your training!

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