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Glad I downgraded to 7Kms


I think next  time its not just wise to do pre-entry on races actually.  Well unless if you know that you are going to be injury free for the whole race series, then yes it is wise and you save money.  I never did think about that when i pre-entered the whole long races of Sri Chinmoy.  I missed 2 races, and this November 22, I downgraded from half marathon to 7 KMs.

Why? Because i know I am not fully recovered from injuries and I havent been training enough.  I emailed the organizer and it was not difficult and I was moved from half marathon to 7Kms instead.

Using public transportation this time as John went to race at SMC for 10KM at Smithfield, it was a mission but we made it with lots of time to stretch, warm up, go to the toilets and drink water.  It was a forecast of 40 degrees everywhere in NSW and glad we were starting bit early like 8, not.

Start was few minutes later and the temperature was rising.  I feel sorry for the half marathon runners.  Now I was glad I downgraded my race distance.  The Half marathon runners started and 7Kms and the 4Kms.  All Woodies, Tez,Me,Peta,Thalia and Mark are all doing 7Kms.  Kerry is on the sidelines supporting Peta and the Woodies.  And oh, i was approached by a girl who is a reader of my blog, her name is Kris.

It was a slow start, having have ran this course once for a 12KM distance which is not that great, I know it is not a PB course for me.  Its a cross country course of mostly grass, root thumps, and sand! Oh don’t forget the palm fringes on a single lane zigzaggy path.  On the loop back to 2Kms, I missed the water station.  It wasn’t 41 degrees yet that time, however I can feel that it was hot and it was tiring me easily.

I tried not to think about missing the water.  The grass was not easy to run compared to a tarmac, and I can feel the piriformis acting up again and wanting to walk but I just did not.  I did not because I kept on reminding myself my uniform says Woodstock Runners, not walker!  I was puffing, something is really wrong lately on my breathing, I wasn’t this bad last year or few months ago.  It could be my asthma coming back.  Injuries and now asthma.  I wonder what’s next?? I am very frustrated with this.  Anyway, moving on …

Tez was running with me for the first 3 Ks and left, we were behind Mark and Thalia who caught up on the 2nd KM and Tez speeded in front and left, I was behind Thalia and I told myself if i just kep on tailing her I will be alright, I will try to keep up with her and I will be encouraged not to walk.  Although they were not racing as they just got back from Holidays.

2nd attempt, I overtook Thalia, somewhere a small hillish mound and saw Mark ahead, same thing, If i keep on keeping up with Mark I will be alright, no walking, and harden up.  suddenly Mark, somewhere back at the palm “village”,, he just slowed down, I thought he might have waited for Thalia.  I can’t wait till I cross the finish line.  It was hot and dry.  I stopped in water station if i can and drink and splashed myself with water.

I kept looking on kilometer markers, saw the 6Km at last, 1 more kilometer means more than just 5 minutes and no walking, keep on running i kept telling myself.  There’s the finish line.  Just run, puking moments twice before the finish line oh well, I’ve made it.

As usual the gool ol pancake and fruits after the race is good. We waited till the awarding for the 7Kms was done.  Organizers did well for the 7Kms and 4Kms I guess, and their were enough water station and markers.  I could not speak for the half marathon markers but I’ve heard that there are lack of direction from marshals for turnaround for the half marathon runners under that big tree.

Running fugly

Event: Sri Chinmoy Race
Location: Centennial Park, Sydney
Distance: 7KM
Time: 35:48

Results and Photos from SriChinmoy

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  1. 23/11/2009 2:53 am

    Hello! I’m the big nerd who recognised you from your blog before the race. It was great to finally meet you! Well done on the event. I nearly cancelled myself because of the heat, but I’m glad I did it. It was my first cross-country race and I agree about the surface not being good for a PB. Hope to see you at a race again in the future!

    – Kris

    thanks Kris for saying Hi yesterday. I am honored :D. I am glad you finished the race too despite the heat. Hope to see more of you during the races.

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