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Fisher’s Ghost did not help me speed


A week after the Auckland Marathon, is the traditional Fisher’s Ghost fun run.  The Woodstock has been actively participating as a team in this event every year.

I know this is a difficult course of hilly route, I still like it and I joined the female team.  This is not a PB course for me.

We were picked up by John at 6:30 since this 2009 the race starts at 8:30 and its a mission going to Campbelltown at the TAFE campus where the fun run is held.  We reached the venue after an hour a lot of time to get our bibs, stretch, visit the loo and warm up.

It is one of the perfect running weather.  A little bit of a mist and cloudy.

We were met by Brendan, Dot, Paul, Emmanuel, Bridgette and Emma at the start.  I positioned myself at the end bit.  As I know I wouldn’t be quicker as last year because I am feeling sore and tired still from last Sunday’s race.  I knew this after a recovery run I did Thursday before Fisher’s ghostt Fun run.

So the gun was fired, It was a slow drag of walk to get past of the start line, dawdling with the walkers and joggers.  Running on the dirt on the curb, trying to overtake walkers.  I knew it was a uphill start and a course that will never get better x 2!

I was fine not until the 2nd water stop I did which agrevated a stitch in my right that it was painful it was taking over a normal breathing to painful breathing, I had to decide continue or walk.  i walked massaging the pain away and getting my breathing  to normal.  I walked twice or thrice where I am trying ot to loose sight of Terry.

1st Turn around

At the 2nd Lap, Brendan was waiting at the hill and came along with me and Terry to push me! The two guys were really nice to have waited and patiently encouraged me to run the hills.  Specially to Brendan who paced me and Terry, who was Injured and suppose to just do a 5KM ended up doing a 10KM distance anyway!  Also to Bob Fickle who picked me up in 2nd walk I did and pushed me.

Woodstock run together, Stays together. Tez, Me and Brendan

Emergency on Bike


5 meters to the finish

The stitch did not go away, my left glutes are so painful, my itbs starting to act up, my hip muscles are really tired.  it was a bad bad day of racing!  I was holding on and trying to just jog and hoping to finish the race.  Seeing the 9KM marker, I was happy.  1 more kilometer I tild myelf and it is over.  Its is beyond 50 minutes I know but I don’t care.  Everything hurts.

While I was running i was conteplating of maybe going back training in the base distance at 5KM.  Recover from my injuries and get better.  Hoping for a good start for next year.  We left after catching up with the Woodies.  It was a tiring race, a run where Fisher’s ghost did not make me run quicker.

The event is very well organized from Marshalls directing  partisipants to the new registration and start Venue, Early bird entry shirts, goodie bags, enough water stations, enough pylons and traffic free!

Event: Fisher’s Ghost Fun Run 2009
Location: TAFE, Campbeltown Campus, NSW
Distance: 10 KM
Time: 53:58

Complete Results

Photos are borrowed from Campbelltown Joggers

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