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Woodstock Handicap 4 ’09: 18 ticks more!


Friday night after going to the Noodle Night Market and watching the Couple’s retreat decided to go home early for Saturday’s Woodstock Handicap Run.

I planned to help Rick send flyers to walkers and joggers while waiting for the start but uknowingly I slept in and was late for the 7am.  I guess I would at least make it to the Handicpa run.  I arrived to see number of Woodies already waiting and Kerry distributing the flyer.  I missed sending my estimated time on that particular run and decided to just do 35 Minutes and take it easy.

Max Crossley and I start at the same time and we set off.  By just before 2.5 KM Max caught up and started speeding off ahead of me.  I just took it easy still, I could not see him anymore. And caught up with Rick and Mark M who estimated 37 mins.  Then Not until we reached Haberfield Rowers stretch, I saw Max again and caught up with Brigette and Emma, then a speedy Elle Marie caught up.  I never have seen so much Woodstock around the Leichardt Park to the Mental Hospital bit.  Then Max says i was going a bit quick slowed a little and I though it was going too slow and picked my pace, and still slowed a lil at the Bridge where I was caught by number of Woodstock thought I am 2-3 seconds quick but Oh well I finished 18 seconds slower.

Looking forards for overall winner on Woodstock Christmas Party.

Distance: 7Km
Time: 35:18


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