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Maroubra Fun Run 09: Spose to be a rainy day


I knew the Maroubra fun run is one hard course in running.  It is just 8KM but thinking bout it, the effort you would have exerted will be of the same in a 10KM flat.

I ran this last year and it was a hilly course.  Not bad as it has a good downhill at the end, which comes in two laps if you are doing the 8KM.

Checked the weather forecast and it says scattered showers so I am thinking this would be a better running weather than yesterday from the Handicap which is humid.  So we were picked up by John and reached the race venue 1 hour ahead.  A lot of the booths and jumping castles and trampolines were already set up.  The event was also in conjunction withe the Octoberfest by the Rotary Club of Maroubra.

There was a good German beer tent that serves sausage sanwiches and beer which is a good reward when you finish the race.  The day was very fine not until when the sun started to show up and it was a little bit warm and people were getting concerned about getting dehydrated.  It is a good thing the 4Km turn around point is where the water stop is and where the start line is so we got a few cups of water into us.

I estimated 41 minutes in my time as I feel just going easy on this run.  I do not want to blow the next run away knowing I am still injured.  As expected it is a hard run with lots of uphill, and its not a course PB.

As a tradition the bagpipe band marched us to around 5 meters or so to the timing mat and the whistle was blown and off we go.


I have been noticing lately that i get too puffed easily that i hear myself wheezing.  That it was too embarassing that in the 2nd lap I did have to walk to ease down my heart rate.  There is no point running hard if the body says it can’t and feel sorry at the end right?

I was running along with a older age category lady who i think is annoyed being beside me thinking i was going to beat her, i have no intention of  competing with anyone at that day.  Then another female runner of my age category was the same when i caught up to her, she tried to pulled away from me and run quicker. I did not mind.  After getting few waters into me after jogging to the last water stop, i decided to run as i know that it is already almost downhill and about 2 KM to finish.

Picked my pace up and caught up with the people who did not stop and overtook me when i did stop at the water stations.  It was just the female runner of older age than me and that female runner of same age category in blue singlet were the runners i wasn’t able to catch.  It did not matter really, it was a who-cares-day for me.  after the one big steep hill I was just hanging on to reach the finish, although another female came flying past all other runners aside from that I kept my rank in the last 500 M.  I was pleased.  Although I thought I was quicker than last year, I wasn’t.  I am pleased with the results anyway.  And well our team still made it to 3rd place, having me, John and Terry in the team.  Not bad at all.  It was warm running day that i was so wet from dozing my self literally with water.

After the run, Tezza and Martin decided to go for a dip in the beach while i was just queued up for food and drinks at the booths.  The organizers were lucky to only have the rain during the presentations and really bucketed down after John collected his bling for placing 3rd in his age category and we left.  I’d like to run this again next year.

Event: Rotary Club of Maroubra Fun Run
Location: South Maroubra. NSW
Distance: 8KM
Clock Time: 41.26



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