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A Dozen Woodstock in World Masters Games 2009


Write up will be updated of results every now and then if possible and availability
Athletics Results found here

Twelve from Woodstock Runners and Walkers will participate and compete at the World Master’s Games 2009 that will be held here in Sydney.  The World Master’s Games is held on October 10-18 that is participated by more than 28, 000 competitors around 95 countries competing in 28 sports events.

The 12 club members are:

Lorraine Spanton – 10k and Half Marathon
One of the Best 2009 performance: 1.43.55 21.1 KM Gold Coast Marathon 2009
Age category: 55-59

Rick Collins –  10k (11/10/2009:46:02) and Half Marathon (18/10/2009 1:48:10)
Latest best performance147:27, 21.1 KM Sydney Marathon 2009
Age Category: 60-69
More about Rick

Linda Barwick 10k (11/10/2009: 52:26 6thW55)
Best latest performance Sydney Striders, Lane Cove 10 KM 51:58 5:12
Age category
: 55-59
More about Linda

Dot Siepmann – 800m(3:37:38 3rd W65), 5000m (26:14 3rd W65), 8k cross country(44.29 (2nd W65)), 10k (53:01 update 11/10/2009-Silver) and Half Marathon (18/10/2009 2:04:16 2nd W65)
Best latest performance: 10 KM Australian Masters Championships 53:16
Age Category: 60-69
Watch out! She has finished a Marathon at 3:28:17!
Age category: 60-69
More about Dot
Deidre Stewart 10k and Half Marathon
Best latest performance: 21.1 KM Gold Coast Marathon 1:47:13
Age category: 45-54
Jeff Morunga – Half Marathon (18/10/2009 2:13:35)
Latest best performance: Fishers Ghost Fun run 10KM 52:08
Age category: 50-55
Trivia: 51 Marathons


Brian Ogilwy – 10k and Half Marathon
Latest best performance:  48:42 Sydney Striders 10Km series, Homebush
Age Category: 65-69

John Murray – swimming events
Latest best performance: Sydney Corporate Cup, 6Km 26:05
Age Category: 40-49

Kazuaki Takahashi – 10KM (11/10/2009: 37.52 (5th M55)) and Half Marathon (18/10/2009 1:23:51)
Latest Best performance: 14 Km City to Surf 52:57 (best 49:xx!!)
Age Category: 55-59


Kerry Bray – 5000m(26:11 2nd W65), 8k cross country, 10k (11/10/2009: 61.06 (8th W65)) and Half Marathon
Latest best performance: 2:09:21 Sydney Marathon 21.1 Km
Age Category: 65-69

Luana Ferrara 10k (11/10/2009: 59.36)
Latest performance: Great Nosh 15 Km 2:07:21

Susan Murray– 10K (43.45 (5th W45)), 8K Cross Country(34.56 (2nd W45)), Cycling Time Trial
Latest best performance: Bay run 7Km 31:17
Watch out! 14th Age category World Triathlon 2009 Gold coast

The games theme is “fit, fun and forever young”.

Kerry, on our latest Woodstock rundown wrote an article about the World masters 2009, click here for more.

I did try to search for fellow Filipino on the games amongst the 28, 000 list in the 170 pages of competitors, unfortunately I am not able to find one :(.  Thinking bout it its bit dear 220 plus accomodation and plane ride :(.

This event is worth watching.  The oldest competitor would be 101 Years old! and master athletes who competed in past olympics re-visting their games.  Note that the games showcase almost all Olympic games!

More information about the 2009 World Master’s games can be found here.

Good luck to the Woodstock and to all the competitors and hoping for good results!

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