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Brighton Beachside Dash 2009


Received an SMS from John at 9 in the evenin of Saturday reminding us to set our clocks 1 hour ahead of time and he will see us tomorrow morning.  This Sunday is the start of daylight savings time, and it has been a rainy weekend, and just stayed at home eating and cooking.

Before going to bed, I turned off auto update of my time and set my alarm at 5:45.  However, aparently my mobile time automatically updated and the alarm went off at 4:45! so I woke up and turned my phone off.  Good thing the radio alarm clock was set on the right time and woke another hour later.  It is still rainy and cold.

5 minutes before John comes to pick us up, I heated my heat packs, as I forgot or I have been so sturbborn the past few days doing the hot compress on my hips so I quickly did that and my knees, minutes later phone went off and John is already downstairs waiting.  It is still cold and a bit dry.

We reached Brighton Le Sands for the Brighton Beachside Dash by St. George past 7.  And it started raining.  Bit difficult getting out of the car as it is cold and wet.  A weather you just want to go back under the sheets and sleep.

We still got our race bibs and stretched when the rain slowed a little until it stopped.  We were joined by Dot and Brendan.

Then it was announced that the start will be delayed by 10 minutes instead of 8am.  They had the St. George Dragons as pacers which went 5 minutes ahead of the runners.  Five minutes after, it was our turn.  I positioned myself in the middle of the pack as I am still going easy even I feel better for two weeks now.  Aside from that I know the course is flattish and easy, it also 90% concrete hard surface which will not be the best for me.

THis course was my 1st sub 50 last year in my 10KMs.  I am just happy g to clock at 50 minutes.  So runners went.  After  500 kms or less at a point where the wooden bridge theire was a sudden stop because of the bollard in the middle that runners had to stop and be careful.  Maybe 2 or 3 minutes loss.  Yet again it is better to slow down and be careful.

I was taking it easy and just taking constant pace.   I caught up with some runners though who probably just went to quick at the start.  At 5 kilometer my legs can feel the setback of running on the hard concrete.

I was just few meters behind Terry at the first half but I am not trying to run with him either.  By second lap he slowly getting quicker and gained almost hundered meters ahead of me.  At the 2nd lap I still feel good but puffed and tired and cant to stop at the water station at 7.5 kilometer.

Passing a few more runners along the way I feel good I am not feeling any niggles on my knees.  Around 8 kilometers it started sprinkling again which is good as it cooled me off.  I am estimating I will be finishing at 48-49 minutes.  I really did not try to go quicker  as I knew I might bust my knees and I know I am not going to win any place being a new 30 in the age group categort.  As I am back at the car park few meters where John is parked.  So i know its just a few hundred meters now to finish.

True enough, I saw the Start/finish chute and started picking my pace and tried sprinting to the finish.  I felt good and happy with my time, again a new PB for a 10KM.  After watching Brendan win 1st in the 5Kms (he did the 10 and 5 after!), and the kids 2 KM run we went home.  Oh, and got a St. George Dragon Plush toy extra from the kids race :D.

: Brighton Beachside Dash
Location: Brighton Le Sands, NSW
Distance: 10KM
Time: 47:57 – PB, 9th F30-39, 21/170 Females

10 KM
5 Km
Full Results

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  1. m8parco permalink
    05/10/2009 7:57 am


    That was a fast one! I think Master Mon will play catch up when he runs with you.

    Regards Mark & Tiffin

    Thanks Mark and Tiffin! No way! Master Mon could be training in secret and still quicker than I am 😉

  2. 09/10/2009 4:38 pm

    Congratulations for your achievement. I am sure you gave yourself a pat on the back too.

    Way to go!

    Hi HKW, thanks! Yes I did. 🙂

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