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Orange Blossom Festival: Westpac Hills Fun Run


I am half looking foward and excited to see another soft sand race in the running calendar, however after consultation I was suggested to run on even surface rather than soft sand and might make my take my ITB recovery longer.

So I emailed John if he is running the St. Mary’s which they did last year, but he said he will run the Hills Run instead.  Tthe Hills run is one of the events included in the Orange Blossom Festival.  You must be wondering if this is in celebration of the orange and red skies that happened in most region of NSW last Wednesday, but i don’t think its related.

We were just right on time waiting for John at the driveway for a change instaed of him waiting, we arrived and we headed to the hills.  I checked the weather forecast and it is cold 9-16 degrees so i decided to wear my Skins.  When we arrived the race area it was really really windy and cold.  I couldn’t decided should I take my jumper off, we are starting past nine so it would be a lil bit warmer.  The 4 KM and 2 KM run went ahead and next is the 8KM.  I braved the cold wind and decided to run in singlet.

2KM run of the kids, look at the cute lil boy in red at the left

I stayed at the back ofthe pack as I know I am not racing this run.  I paced myself slowly that my knees do not start hurting.  It was a two lap of a fire trail.  Its a mix of grass, firetrail foot paths, a stairs, and its not totally flat when you reach the 3.5Km distance which i decided walk.

Just few meters to the start I saw Terry stopping waving and limping.  He ran too quick and told him to keep a constant pace with me not know he pulled put and started walking and too photos instead.

I knew I will not be in the top 10 females (I know with the new age group I will not win in the next 10 years!) so i was easing the speed and enjoying the run through the woods.  I enjoyed the run and still finished on a modest time.

Event: Westpac Hills Fun Run
Distance: 8KM
Time: 41:52 5thF/Open

2 KM

4 KM
8 KM

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  1. Penny permalink
    29/09/2009 9:48 pm

    hey hey,
    I also ran in the Westpac Hills Fun Run, in the 4km race. I’ve been trying to find the results but can’t seem to find them anywhere, and i came across your blog, but the 4km results link wouldn’t work for me.
    is there any way you could send me the results or tell me where i can find them?

    That would be awesome if you could!


    It could be because you are not logged-in in coolrunning website where I got the results but I am sending you the results through email. Well run!

  2. Mark blair permalink
    03/10/2009 5:17 am

    Thanks for the blog and the link to the results. The cute little boy in the red was my son anthony blair doing his first run in his red power ranger outfit. He is 4 1/2, ran all the way and finsihed in 13.27! Put his old dad’s effort in the 4km to shame.

    Hehe my pleasure Blair. results is from the organizer I grabbed in the coolrunning website. Yea we were at the sidelines and i find the antics of your lil boy cute.13.27 is very fast! I’ll watch out for that name he could be Australia’s future top runner :). You must be a proud dad.

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