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Blackmore’s Sydney Running Festival ’09: Cheeky Renegade Runners


Even when the registration opened, I am not sure why I wasn’t too motivated or there was no magic feeling or urge to register in the Sydney Marathon which is yearly held every September.

I wasn’t even injured at that time which would be a good excuse not to do any race, and even received a marketing scheme of the organizers sending the participants last 2008 their certificates and advertising the event.  Maybe I thought it was too expensive and well I had planned for a longish race somewhere else… that woud be revealed soon as it comes.

Anyway the Sydney Running Festival is memorable to me as year 2007 when I first visited Australia, I was so glad that It was of the right timing that my business trip was of the same time with the running event.  I was still new in running in that time and I did the 9Km where I finshed a decent time.  The year after, 2008, I decided to do my half-marathon debut on this event, which was memorable too.

Usually there are no races that goes at the same time with big races like this so I am not racing this Sunday.  Since I am trying to still be fit and have a slow training despite injury, this would be good of not racing and no pressure and thought maybe pace someone from the running club, Woodstock Runners.

So got on the emails and Rick Collins was happy to get paced with.  Terry and I were actually discussing we would be waiting for Dot or Kerry along the course then Rick emailed.  I wasn’t too sure at first about it as the Thursday before this Sunday we had a recovery slowish run where my ITBS on the left leg was really acting up.  Which went on till Saturday that I did not whinge about.  Rick also run just a lil quick than I am on Woodstock handicap so I am not sure about pacing him, yet again when I asked him what time was he hoping to finish, he said around 1:50-1:52 and will be happy if he gets a 1:49:59.  That’s still more than 5 min/KMs so that’s okey I thought.  Was praying hard that the knees won’t act up really bad.  I iced the night before, had my hips on heat pack and applied Dencorub and Voltaren on my knees.

We agreed to meet Rick at Droboyd Rowing Club just after the turn around point.  But we were running late so I decided that the best point is at Norton street at the 12Km point.  We ran up Victoria road to Balmain road towards Norton covering more than 2Kms just 3-5 minutes until we are expecting Rick to be passing soon.  It was different again being on the sidelines on such event like this.  Watching a sea of Runners.  Funny few mates still recognized us standing in the sidelines it was the other way around them calling our names out and we should be us cheering and shouting their names.

Waiting at the sidelines

Half-marathon Runners

By th 10th minute, Terry saw Rick and so we called Rick and started running ahead of him till he caught up and asked how he was and he said he’s doing good.

It might be a lil bit dodgy running with much energy amongst the hald marathoner’s some already puffed and tired and we were still fresh and full of energy.  We tried to stay ahead of Rick for a few meters or just run beside him.   He tries to catch us so that’s good.  He is still looking strong when we reached the 16th Km marker or so.

Then he was picking his pace up by 1.5 KM to finish, amazing after running that distance he still had that energy and we kept psyching him on the way its just a few more kilometers to finish.  I was looking at my watch and thinking approximately 2 minutes past 1:50 he will cross the finish line.  Just before we reach the Opera house and It seem like Rick caught up with Lee Baker another running mate and he was doing well, I thought we’d just pull out at Circular Quay before Marshalls say something.

We tried our best yet we still got naughty looks amongst the marshalls, we did not see who were sitting at one corner.  They made some comment we did not bother as it a half joke for me, so we ignored it and slowly jogged towards the finish cute to watch and maybe see other Woodstock and people we know doing the run finish.  I saw my PT running, I remember her telling me she is doing her first half marathon.

As we thought most of the people we knew who was running the half were all finished and the sun was getting too strong and getting hungry for breaky, we decided to leave and go home.  Too bad we did not see the Marathon winner cross the finish line but who knew just before our ferry home left the harbor, we saw the 1st Marathoner came in, and later learned it was JULIUS SEUREI of Kenya who finished a quick 2:17:07, followed by KOJI TANIGUCHI, and JEREMEY HORNE of Japan and Australia respectively.

I think it was more humid and warmer last year, and the organizers at least improved (at least as it seem like it) on the water stations.  Still we saw a number of runners were picked by the Medical Unit of either heat or cramps or something.  (Hopefully they end up going ok 😦 ).

And who knows, by lunch time we got an acknowledgment letter from Rick:


It was a good run for us, even I did feel in some point that the knees was starting to be painful and I ignored it which went away.  I forgot to tell you, It is one of undescribebable fullfilling (feeling) of bringing home someone to finish a PB.  It was like winning someonething.

Its my first renegading in Oz, being naughty for not paying up (although I know number of runners do this too, the only thing you don’t get is the finisher medal and your time being clocked).  I am still hoping by my next long run this ITBS on both legs just goes away soon, and I mean soon!!!

Number of the Woodstock got in Top 10 in the Category placing on different events from Full to 9Km.  This years event had more or less 35000 registrants in all the event.


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