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Gladesville Rotary: Bridge to Bridge Fun Run 2009


One of our Woodstock seniors, Barry Cole, no miss advertises his fun run every year, The Gladesville Rotary Bridge to Bridge Fun Run.

Barry Cole is the Race director for this race.  It is one of the events that takes place in the Ryde Aquatic Festival.

Barry and Brendan

Barry and Brendan

He kept on telling and saying that hopefully it is going to be a beatiful day for his run.  I think the running gods heard him too well and made it far perfect of very hot and dry 30 degrees.  John picked us up at 710 am as we proceed to Kissing point in Gladesville.  John is volunteering however, since Terry is injured they swapped places and.was the opposite.
Terry did the volunteer job of registering entrants and John who did his superman stint from tracksuit to running shorts under his clothes to participate in the event.

We were early so we got a lot of to chat with the Woodstock who are volunteers in the run and warm-up.  It is already 20 past eight and its very hot and i kept going back the first Aid tent to hydrate myself.  Last year this event was wet from rain pour and was nearly cancelled.  Now, it was the oppossite.

I haven’t been in racing pace lately as my ITBS has not recovered itself yet.  Even I went to the sports massage for the 2nd tr eatment, I was told that my hip muscles are still too tight.  I can feel the Bum pain as well.  I knew that I wouldn’t be of the best speed still.  I am running this for fun and contribution to Barry.  I also have ran this course once, and its one of the most difficult courses I’ve had in NSW.  Hilly, very hilly, mix of grass, track stairs climbing up and down, and through the bushland and with the temperature I know its going to be a slow one.

The late start did not help either, as whistle is started just past 9am.  I positioned myself at the end of the pack where the 5Km walkers are to run my own pace no pressure of racing.  I need to run smart with this injury.

I was running beside Tami but I know she is quicker than me and I did not try to keep up with her.  Paul Witthway whom I run at the same time on TNTs are quicker than me this times just went ahead too.  And we reached Tristan who ran with Brendan at the start was slowly slowing down his pace.

I was caught by Rachinaus of Coolrunning at the parkland where the stairs are.  We were running side by side as she kept on hearing my whicnging its too hot.  And I pulled away going ahead as we reached the top where Rick Collins was doing his marshalling sitting pretty beside his Mazda.

It was hot, no wind, no water station in sight yet.  I still can see Tami ahead of me by 50 meters.  Then at around 6 Kms she went to a detour and found a bubbler.  I thought she went for a pee break.  Alas at 7 Kms marker I saw Kevin and Jeff who is manning the event’s water statiion.  I slowed down to get my cup of water but I missed i tipped my cup over and fell to the ground.  I was so thristy and was thinking should I go back for a drink or not and I just decided I will still make it in 15 minutes approximately 3 more kilometers I will be fine.

Slowly runners were dropping off from heat exhaustion and hills that come one after another seem endless.  Caught up and passed maybe 2 runners ahead of me.  I did walk twice on big hills, I could not be bothered racing and hurting myself with the heat and no water I told myself.  And just compensated and continued running when I can again.  Not until the last little hill towards the finish, I was defeated mentally and i di walk a little bit and heard footsteps behind me.  It was the senior runner who always beats me on fun runs again! he caught up with me.  I was trying to catch Fumi who was ahead of me at least.  But anyway I did not sprint, I am tired I wasn’t racing.  I finish slower than last year, no doubt at 52:58 minutes.


Not only that the Woodstock was well represented on volunteering in marshalling this fun run as a tradition, most of the Woodstocks were bemedalled, Michael Cantley who came 5th overall and 1st in his age category, Kazu Takahashi 1st age Category, John Dawlings 3rd Age category, Fumi Takahasi 1st Age category, Tami Dower 2nd Age Category, Peta Bray 2nd Age Category.

We waited till the pressies finished for the fun run and head off.

Event:  Bridge To Bridge Fun Run
Location: Gladesville, NSW, Australia
Distance: 10KM
Time: 52:58, 7th FOall, 1st Age Category

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