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Woodstock Off to Commonwealth World Championships


Tomorrow, 15th of September 2009, one of our best mates in Woodstock, Brendan Davies is off to Keswick, Cumbria, England to represent Australia on the Commonwealth World Championships.

He will be running the 100KM event of this sporting event.

Brendan has been chosen to run this event by the Australia Ultra Running Association (AURA) when he won his 1st 100KM overnighter at Narabeen last January 10, 2009 with a time of 8:07:16.

The Woodstock Running Club is very proud to have such a dedicated runner like him who is there just not to win for himself but by emcouraging and motivating other runners in improving their times and getting out to get fit.

Two weeks ago, the Woodstock Runners – organized by Thalia Anthony, held a Pizza Fund Raiser night for Brendan’s trip to England.  Which was very much participated by his Family and friends.  Also his trip was sponsored by the Woodstock and funds raised by the chocolates by Tristan Iseli, another Woodstock mate.


In Brendan’s thank you email on the fundraiser night, he said: “When I received the phone call from AURA that I had been selected, the honour of representing my country was the last thing really on my mind. That’s not why I run, not for recognition or anything like that, it’s because it’s something I enjoy doing and something that I enjoy pushing myself to achieve in, a bit like a personal challenge. Yet since I’ve told people about it, you have made me realise that in fact it is an real honour and privilege to be selected and it is the opportunity of a lifetime. So thank you for that. I hope along the way, and I know I have tried, to be as encouraging and supportive in your pursuits, whether they be running or anything else in your  life as well….
I wlll be doing my absolute best in England, I have trained well, put time into preparation, and am tweaking my strategy so I stick to it! I can honestly say I am the fittest I have ever been so all going well,  I will hopefully put in a good performance. But one thing I can honestly say is that when it hurts, when the kilometres are taking more and more time to complete, when my body is aching and crying out to stop and the chair is the temptation, I will have plenty of memories to spur me on; your kind words and thoughts replaying in my mind to motivate me and keep me positive and strong. This is the real support. I know it is real because I felt it and will be calling on it when I reach the 75km mark no doubt!

For the record, Woodstock is proud to send two runners for the event.  Brendan will be joined by our newly joined Woodstock member Tim Cochrane on the same distance event.


We can follow the race which will be held on the 19th starting at 8am English time, (5pm on Saturday GMT+10).

The official website is

The Coolrunning thread where there may be some discussion and updates is here:

Tristan and Tami giving Brendan Goodluck hugs after the Bridge to bridge, Brendan won 3rd outright

Tristan and Tami giving Brendan Goodluck hugs after the Bridge to bridge, Brendan won 3rd outright

Go Woodstockers! Bring home the Gold!


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  1. 15/09/2009 5:53 am

    That’s gotta be a tough one. The official website says top runners are expected to complete the 100K course in 6.5 hours. Still, I wish Brendan all the best.

    And oh, the jacket’s nice…very nice.

    I have faith, He has been training hard and his first 100 that qualified him was his first time.

  2. lightingcoop permalink
    15/09/2009 11:55 pm

    I’ve actually wanted to start running for a long time, but I have a little “issue” with my lungs that doesn’t allow me to run for too long before I am just unable to breathe. It’s like my heart rate accelerates too quickly and hinders my lung power. I don’t have asthma or any other major lung problems, and I can play tennis (although that took a little while to build up the lung stamina as well). So I admire anyone who can do these marathons.
    ~ Kristi
    you will have to find the right sports and one you like doing. Do it gradually. I have asthma, but doesn’t bother me much anymore since I started getting fit and do some running. Good ;uck! Hope you find the one sports for you!

  3. witchkitty permalink*
    21/09/2009 12:59 am

    Australian Team for the men’s event for this distance won Silver. Full results are at:

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