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Woodstock Handicap 3 ’09: I Over Estimated!


This is already 2 weeks stale post but I still want to post it.  On week 35’s Thursday, I did a bay run and tried to feel if my knees is upto running back again as I have just been doing cylces, swimming and elliptical at the gym.

So I did, I was feeling okey no pains but not quick enough.  Coming Saturday is Woodstock’s Handicap series race 3 for the year.  I haven’t nominated my time yet.  I was hesitant to put something.  However the night before i nominiated 33 minutes.  I just made good estimate first one, underestimated myself in second one so I thought this probably be close enough to what I will do.

Woke up 5 minutes before 7.  Dressed up, freshened up, stretched and off i went for a slow run toward Brett park  over the Iron cove bridge, carrying Rundown stuff I received from Llyod last month I need to return and the Goodluck card for Brendan.  It was funny running with something in your hands aside from water bottle, an ipod or a towel!

So I reached the start area, and was very different to the last time we were there, the grass was changed to parking space, and Colin have to move start point backwards to accomodate finish point to an earlier point than before for safety purposes.  It started to sprinkle, and the skies were grey.  It was not a good weather but good as its cold not humid.

Woodies started taking off by 730.  I started with Tony Purss, whom I think went very quick and burned me.  Im still not too wise to go witth my own pace! I was puffed by halfway and I was tired and not wanting to go further, but of course I do not quit!  By the time we reached Haberfield side, headwinds were blowing us from the lake which makes it difficult and my steps in running seem do not make any difference and I feel I was not moving.  I gave up and walked for a bit and started gaining my breath again, jogging and picking my pace when I reached La Montague at Lilyfield.  This is where I ussually catch up with the earlier runners.  This time no runners in sight.

I reached the offroad bit in the old Mental hospital, I caught up to Jeff and then Dot, I was passed by Tony too which I was too tired too respond.  I can see the bridge now and its about kilometer or less now and I should be finishing.  I can feel the tightness in my leg muscles, my left bum is painful too.

I reached the finish with a time of 34:29, 1 minute 29 seconds off my estimate! I am ranked 2nd now in tie with Roy Rankin and very close to either Anthony who is ahead of me and Brendan who is next to us.  Let’s see if I keep my place on October and I get my estimates right!

As usual we had a great bar-b and chat with the Woodstockers, the winners got their wine and movie tickets and the internal winners in C2S has been recognized and awarded as well.


Event: Woodstock Handicap 3 2009
Venue: Bay run, NSW, Australia
Distance: 7 KM
Time: 34:29

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