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Profile 9 Being fit and weight loss: Emmanuel Chandran


Last May a new runner joined the Woodstock for a 7Km handicap run around the Bay.  Being me passive and shy to strangers :p I did not get the chance to say hi.  The following day he ran with us at the Heart of the Lake at Bankstown and he finally joined Woodstock runners.

Then he diligently started running with the group every Thursday on Speed training.  I try to run with him on the group together with Paul Witthaway.  He is a sprinter and regularly plays soccer.  He patiently waits for me plodding along and encourages me every lap.

One day while browsing at the coolrunning website, I saw him! i meant I saw his post that he was once overweight! I was curiuos as a cat and the next Thurday training night I meekly asked him if it was true, and he said it was!  But anywa it gave me the opportunity to interview him!  So I emailed him and asked him THE questions …

What is your heaviest weight? I was just under 140 kilos or possibly over but it seems so far away that I may have blocked some of it out of my memory!!
What is your current weight? I fluctuate between 70-72 kilos.
What was you lightest weight? During a slightly dodgy period in my life I dropped to around 63 kilos.
What made you realize you need to get back on track and being fit and healthy? I was around 21 years old, I ran to the bus and I got on and I realised I was breathless and my vision temporarily blacked out for a second or two….i was sweating and felt very unwell. That was it, I made my mind up then but it has taken me around ten and a bit years to get to my present stage.

Do you have a special diet? What is it? My diet is based around a little of everything and not too much of one thing. My daily pattern works like this
– a black coffee when I wake up (5am ), then I am off to the gym (6am), finish gym have a banana (7am ), get to work and have my breakfast which will be something like sultana bran or a cereal which has several different grain ( but careful about anything with too much sugar ) (8.00am ), I  drink green tea throughout the day, take my multivitamins straight after breakfast, then at around 10am I have an apple, at 11am I have my lunch which something like a wrap with a handful of salad and some beef mince curry, at around 12.30 I have handful of nuts and dried fruit, at 2pm I have two small mandarins, at 3pm I have a pita wrap with a handful of salad with tuna and corn, at 4pm I have a couple of vita whole grain crackers, get home and either have dinner or go for a second gym session lasting no more than 30 mins which includes stretching and light cardio ( this session is reliant on how I am feeling so I won’t push my self too much, this session is meant to ease my muscles and bones ), when I get home at around 7pm I have again meal of say something like a small portion of brown rice with curry ( I LOVE CURRY!!!! ) salad and sometimes some vegetables with a glass of orange juice. And finally at around 8pm I have a mug of soya milk with a spoonful of protein powder to prevent muscle breakdown when I sleep. So there u go I am a little piggy.

Current sports you do, or other things/hobbies that you like doing? – currently my main focus is running and my cross training are focused on this. Would like to play football ( soccer ) but very aware of picking up needless injuries. I am starting to do more weight sessions in the gym. Already do bosu work, some ab work, cycle work, cross trainer, will start swimming soon in my new gym and I regularly go bush walking with a bush walking group ( at least once a month minimum ). The general idea is to keep myself active. I play cricket when I get opportunity. I play tennis sometimes during summer.

Can I ask for a photo of you before and after your weight loss gain? 🙂
As for picture of when I was chubby, sorry, its far too graphic to show anyone. Sorry. My mother keeps them locked up ( under my strict instructions ). I am sure it will be an inspirational tool for u, but it brings back some very bad memories for me…sorry mate. As for my present picture, I can one of those to you but did u want a head shot or some kind of Atlas type pose?? haha! Let me know.

Hope this is helpful mate.

In another incident I really tried to get his past picture (trying my luck and not being bad! as mentioned I just want to inspire people who think THEY CAN NOT) and I got this answer: “Mate I really look scarey! I am like a Tiger, with stripes all over me because of the stretchmarks so Imagine how I was before.”

Fair enough! Anyway I got snaps of him running the Bay Run, Breaking his first handicap with the Woodstock with a new record of 32 minutes!  And he just recently ran the tough Willy to Billy Bush run.

1st from left

1st from left

Thanks Mani for giving me the chance to write your story online.  May we bring inspiration to those who think they can’t :).

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