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City 2 Surf 2009: World breaker for most numbered participants @ 75k!


The City 2 Surf is one of the events Sydney celebrates or awaits.  For non runners – some are pissed because the roads are closed and traffic is expected, and for runners and walkers because this is one of the most fun (-not as it is also too crowded) but festive and particpated.  For the record, this foot race has been running for 38 years already!

This year tallied to be the be the biggest run in the world.  This is followed by JP Morgan Corporate Challenge in Frankfurt with 69,042 official entries, the Cursa El Corte Ingles in Barcelona with 57,175 and the Atlanta Journal-Constitution Peachtree 10k with 55,000, and the inspiration, the San Francisco Bay to Breakersheld in May this year with only 31,626 registered runners, plus an estimated 31,000 unregistered.


With the statistics, the event was able to race money for different charities at more than 2.1 Million AUD.

Last year, I was in the green bib.  Lucky that I am able to enter in the green as I am a first timer and should start at te back of the back or at least in the Blue Bib.  Making use of my Philippine 10KM times they allowed me to join the green bib for runners doing a 75 Min-85Min.  Lucky last year I was able to go under 75 Mins at 71:xx that allowed me to start with the red bib SH1, which is two group behind the elite/initational runner and the preferred/seeded runners.

I got the race packs Friday.  This will be my first run in two weeks of rest after putting myself into injury in the Hunter Valley Half Marathon.  I have not had any long runs since then.  And the last visit I had with my physio told me I can run the event as long as I take it slow.  I was skeptical how I would perform, the best thing i was planning to do anyway is stay safe and avoid getting myself more injured.  Finish the race and if I feel better, speed up and target the time estimate I sent our internal teams in Woodstock as 70 minutes, even hoping for a sub 70!!

Anyway, got up before 7, prepared quickly and dashed to the bus stop.  As usual the participants like us are waiting at the bus stop and there are are no buses since its sunday.  Lucky after 10 minutes of wait two arrived at the same time that brought us to QVB where we walked and had to queue for a loo at McDonalds which took as centuries!

By the time we got to hyde park, we did have to search where the bag drop off is which is 1 block away where we were and so we went dropped the bags and by the time we reached the SH1 group we were at the sidelines at the end part.  This did not worry me, it’s good at least no pressure of needing to go faster with the people in front.  By 9 the gun was Fired by Olympic Swimmer Peter Sullivan.

After 30 or so seconds we started to walk … and jog passing the mats.  it was an okey pace not until we reached the hills where i was puffed.  I blame this for not running much.  It was hard, however we tried to keep with our pace.  I knew I was going over 5min/km pace.

Then when we reached heart break hill, i was puffed and wheezing and I did have to walk around 20 seconds and tried to run again.   Then another stop and walk on top of hear break hill after the water station I knew I was loosing time but I it was hard pushing myself too much i need to walk!  After that I told myself to run and no more walking.  I tried to keep up and most were already downhill with some not so big inclines and hills.  at 10Kms I do now feel my knees hurting.  I knew why.  It was the downhill tha caused it that I did try not to run as quick and pray i get there before 75 minutes.

I already knew I was way off my estimates and wish time.  At least the pain were not as painful as the one in hunter valley.  So 2 more kilometers when you hear the finish line announcements and you can see the beach.  Conserving my energy I was hanging on to finish the race.  I was tired and exhausted.  Hating my injury that caused me to stop training.


We reached the finish line at 73.44 minutes gun time.  And at the end learned to finish at 72:05 which I am glad as there are rumors they might cut the red bib start at 73minutes  I am not so pleased with my run as I am slower than my 1st C2s but still pleased I finished.

c2sresultsThe Woodstock Open women team which I am in got into 5th place out of 94 teams.  Our Woodstock teams got 1st in the Women Veterans, 2nd in Men Veterans and 3rd in Mixed team.

It was a fun run.  I am hoping to do better next year.  I am not just sure If i do want to go through all the hassle of queue in bathroom and drinks and food and bus after the race, after 75000++ runners and their supporters …

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