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Bankstown Hidden Half and 5KM Mayoral Run/walk 2009


I am not ready to race again after that City to Surf.  Scared I would be in pain that I havent looked ahead of what race to run that coming Sunday.  There are a few races that Sunday but I havent decided what i wanted to do that Sunday.  Do a longer run and not race or race.

I went that Saturday afternoon to help John tweak his Balmain Fun Run on November 2 and he said he is running the Bankstown.  I told him I will ring him should I change my mind.  By 1030ish we were okey to run 5Km slow and fun.  So I sent SMS to John afraid that I might wake him up when I ring that we are coming along with him.

Woke up late! and was 3 minutes late at 630 meeting agreement with John! As we appologized and head off to Bankstown.  Arrived there at 710 and 5Km race starts at 745 while the half starts at 730.  A number of Woodstock are participating both events.

Come to think of it, it has been a long time that I havent race this distance.  Interesting to know how I would go however as I reminder I will be doing slow careful run at this event.  Stretched, and warmed up and we stayed at the back of the pack.  Gun was fired and we lazed our self to the route.  I knew even if i am fit I am not sure if I would like to run the half marathon distance here.  Rn the 12Km heart of the lake which is a tough course and so the half which is incorporated with the half marathon distance of the race.

Emmanuel Chandran

Emmanuel Chandran

Slowly we built up, slowly overtaking runners.. We saw Emmanuel who is doing half on the way and passed him.  The course is almost flat with very very minimal inclines.  By 3rd kilometer my left ankle was burning and I knew that if I speed up more I would just bust the foot so I tried to remain on the pace I was going just below 5min/km.  Terry continued on and went ahead of me as I told him to go ahead.  I was eyeing to ladies of the same age category as I am looking fit runner.  I was aimin to beat them in time at least, which I am glad to have overtaken them just before the 2nd Kilometer.

As we reached the parking lot, I knew i am almost home and we were directed at the grass as I finished 23.37 chip time.  I felt happy as my knees did not act up and it was sub 25 minutes.

Surprised to get into the age category 2nd place and 7th female overall and I am pleased.  We left before the raffle prizes as they linger and we learned we got called for backpacks!  I felt it was too short run and my lungs wasn’t too puffed as last week which I am glad.

Oh BTW, this will be my last age category awards in the age limit 20-29 … as on the 21st I am turning into a new age category which is tougher, and more challenging group.  Lucky would I still be winning next time not until I wait when I get stronger when im at 35 I reckon.

The Woodies

The Woodies

What: Bankstwown Hidden Half
Where: Bankstown, NSW
Distance: 5KM
Time: 23:37, 2nd F19-29, 7th FOall

Half Marathon
5 km

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