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Bay Run 2009


This is one of the races I did wanted to run.  Since this is so close my backyard, 15 minute walk, and I did it last year I need to miss is it because of my ITB injury.  However it was planned that after my friends take part of the event, we will be running a slower version of it around the bay after a two week rest of recovery.

We were running late as the mals start first at 800 and we were still halway through the start and I told Terry I am going to run to get his bib.  No stretching or anything and I did try to make it really easy for my legs.  i am worried I won’t get the bib on time and Terry wont be at the start line before they start.  Was planning I’d be running handing the bib to him when it would have started and he is not yet at the start line! Glad he arrived 3 minutes before the gun start, not much of warm up and stretching for him, his ankle is not doing well so I feel bad I was kinda pushing him to move faster that day!

I saw Sissi, Asa, and John on my way to pick up the bib.   And saw Emmanuel at the start where I pointed out where Terry can join him and do the run with him.  Asa was doing the power walk and I was standing with her not after the 1st runners came at 21 minutes for the 7KM course!  Asa left me as they started the walk.

It was a bit cold, and I am trying to wait for John to come in first amongst all of my friends.  Then come next Emmanuel, then Terry and Sissi and Asa.

Helped John distributing his flyers for the Balmain Run.

What’s different with this run is they always have a run with your dog.  So there were lots of dogs around the start line too.

After the race and catching up with the rest of the woodies, we dropped things at home and did a slow 45 minute version of the lake.  I was puffed after no runs for two weeks.  The knees or legs were sore from the come back.  It was not irritating pain.

I am hoping to do a run again within the week before C2S.


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